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  1. The French are fun/kooky guys. They’ve launched a comic book based around the rafale And I reckon they would be up for licensing this gorgeous jet as part of their marketing push (I want the M) if given a chance.
  2. Will it have any air to ground capability?
  3. It will be complete for me as such when I crash land I can get out and start using that m4 on the jihadis coming for me. seriously - to me the big one is the radar. Will be a game changer.
  4. I don’t know why Ed can’t release a guide as simple and user friendly on release. chuck does gods work.
  5. Is one far off? I need my idiots guide! cheers
  6. Thanks but seems to be a lot missing there? And the throttle is a virpil
  7. I am also super keen for an idiots guide (graphical preferably) on how to map controls to my warthog
  8. Carrier looks great. The flak onboard looks intimidating. We need a zero to crash into the deck.
  9. Very sorry to hear sow has been shut down. It was a fantastic server and great community. I enjoy the ww2 stuff more than the modern stuff. here’s hoping for the future.
  10. A certain (vastly inferior sim) has just released a very nice looking pony. Our p51 was the first warbird and although good the exterior model is showing it’s age. any plans for a update at some stage?
  11. C’mon team don’t leave us hanging how about an update. looking forward to this more than the Apache. Ugly helicopters.
  12. Also can we have a vid of a Carrier landing please
  13. nick10

    Update posted

    I like this theory. I don’t necessarily believe it but I choose to believe.
  14. Get this fella a job: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rRbdve
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