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  1. The French are fun/kooky guys. They’ve launched a comic book based around the rafale And I reckon they would be up for licensing this gorgeous jet as part of their marketing push (I want the M) if given a chance.
  2. Will it have any air to ground capability?
  3. It will be complete for me as such when I crash land I can get out and start using that m4 on the jihadis coming for me. seriously - to me the big one is the radar. Will be a game changer.
  4. I don’t know why Ed can’t release a guide as simple and user friendly on release. chuck does gods work.
  5. Is one far off? I need my idiots guide! cheers
  6. Thanks but seems to be a lot missing there? And the throttle is a virpil
  7. I am also super keen for an idiots guide (graphical preferably) on how to map controls to my warthog
  8. Carrier looks great. The flak onboard looks intimidating. We need a zero to crash into the deck.
  9. Very sorry to hear sow has been shut down. It was a fantastic server and great community. I enjoy the ww2 stuff more than the modern stuff. here’s hoping for the future.
  10. A certain (vastly inferior sim) has just released a very nice looking pony. Our p51 was the first warbird and although good the exterior model is showing it’s age. any plans for a update at some stage?
  11. C’mon team don’t leave us hanging how about an update. looking forward to this more than the Apache. Ugly helicopters.
  12. Also can we have a vid of a Carrier landing please
  13. nick10

    Update posted

    I like this theory. I don’t necessarily believe it but I choose to believe.
  14. Get this fella a job: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rRbdve
  15. Agreed. For a game all about realism the plane set for the Normandy map still makes no sense. I don’t understand how they came to select them. need a p51b. A bf109 g6 and Razorback jug.
  16. nick10

    Update posted

    Looks absolutely fantastic. Finally ww2 carrier ops. any hint of an ai zero to shoot down but?
  17. If not, it would be lovely to see a G6, G10 or G14. thanks
  18. Ah will give a go thanks
  19. Thank you yes I get that but when I begin a hot start on the ramp mission and load up with Jdam or mav once in the air I hit AG. I get no option for either ccrp or ccip on my osb once the jdam is powered on. not sure what I am doing wrong here.
  20. Confused in trying to learn the helmet mounted cueing for ground attack. I power on my jdams but no option to select ccrp or ccip appears?
  21. again just thought I would kick this along. I know building an aircraft is a lot more than the scan, but surely this could accelerate the production of dcs aircraft?
  22. Finally got her off the ground in the prison break mission only to collide with a mustang 15 mins out from target! curious what the team that made the mossie plan on building next
  23. Did you aleron trim? and what is it with the smoking engine?
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