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  1. It looks good for me too. One thing only: If you delay your buy 2-3 months (for whatever reason), I´ll wait for the next gen CPU and GPUs on 4th quarter. Next gen PCs will carry a decent upgrade in my opinion, but you don´t need to wait if you are ready to play now on flat screen.
  2. I´ll will go the 32 Gb + 3080 route if you find good prices. Maybe you are running out of power from that PSU.... Maybe. But if you plan to change the PSU too: keep in mind that next gen GPU and CPUs are near and (in that case) you better wait, save money and build a new and fresh Pc from scratch at the end of the year.
  3. For me they are solid choices if you can keep that 1.500 $ budget (it won´t be easy) A 1Tb SSD would be preferable too. My bet would be a 5600X or a 5900X but 5800X it´s fine too (choice based on availability)
  4. Resaizable Bar may have a benefit on DCS if implented. But I think it needs Developer implementation.
  5. Yes: 3080 and 10 Gb on DCS and G2 may not be future proof. The 3090 bet may be safer (althought freaking expensive). Many People would buy a 3080 10 Gb and replace it on the next gen Nvidia refresh too. (Not a bad move).
  6. GPU market is a nightmare right now. (In theory) the Nvidia 3070s should be less than those 600 €, but I wish you luck finding one. Same for the AMD 6800. Newer cards will be announced in mid Jaunary on the CES show. I won´t buy a 2070S at this point in time.
  7. In some Interviews it was said that the multiCPU engine will be introduced sometime between end of 2020 or starting 2021. If that holds true at this time, I don´t know. (But you have seen those clouds in the recent vids, Isn´t it?) If you can afford a 5900X go for it right now. If not: a 5600X or Intel 10700K / 10900K are the better alternatives right now (Of course there will be better Intel CPUs in a short? timeframe).
  8. When we left Christmas behind, I think you can build a combination of Z490 + Intel overclockable 10600K or (maybe) a B550 + 5600X (That one includes cooler) combo whithin that budget of 1.000 € 32 Gb kit, and a reasonable PSU + Cage. The problem there is the GPU (I will try to find a second hand one over 200 € and skip this generation and save money to the next one). (A 1080TI will be great for 200 €) It will be a very powerfull machine if those components fall onto your budget in late Jaunary. And I think it could be posible. You could even try VR if you find a reasonable second hand 1080TI
  9. Right! The problem now is the upcoming multicore DCS engine and the way it will affect the Intel vs AMD side of things. If money is no object I will go AMD now (because of less power consumption), but a good I9 10900K will have similar performance right now I think. (Future is unknown).
  10. Awsome rig!, but..... WiFi 6 instead of 6e? You should try that 6e or thinking on a future upgrade on that if finding a hard way getting one right now (The Intel MoBos and ultrabooks allready have one of those, so: is mainstream now and inproves greatly over WiFi 6) (If wavelenght is allowed for use in your area).
  11. We could end up in an scenario where both cards perform very similar when Drivers gets up to date in a couple of months and those are very good news from the buyer perspective. AMD doing well in Vr: Great to know!
  12. 12 yrs since your surgery...... well, at that time you will have been lucky to get a Lasyk surgery (and not at today level). Man: it depend a lot over many things (refraction before surgery, cornea thikness, technique used, etc). Imposible to recomend nothing without seeing the problem in person, and, maybe, your actual problem is different than before. But I see many times people buying bigger monitors, phones, 8K, etc and trying to improve their visuals without paying attention over the main problem: their eyes. Not to mention risking their eyes with dangerous surgerys: Have you seen any Ophthalmologist with their own laser applied?.... No one does that. And, then, there is the other side of the coin with many people: If I could improve their visual after their intervention: they just don´t want to accept the fact that they failed with their decision and do nothing but thinking on another solution based on surgery..... Be careful, you just have 2 eyes.
  13. I was permanently banned too.... few! Thanks I found this thread without logging in.
  14. CPU: Go for a 5600X (and stick with the integrated cooler) Memory: look for CL 14 2x16 modules (or even 4x 8 Gb kits) VR Headset?, because it will determine your GPU a lot.
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