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  1. I wonder how many times - in real flying - the F-15C was refueled with suspended tanks to full...
  2. There is no chance of maintaining Mach 2.5 in level flight at an altitude of 30,000 feet.
  3. The radar screen shows your "true" speed and your "ground speed". Note that the faster you fly, the two speeds differ less and less. And at some point they are the same. At speeds of> Mach 2, the ground speed may only depend on altitude. But at these speeds, and at altitude 40 - 60K feet, difference of 10,000 feet — about 3,000 meters — will not make much difference. I'm just thinking...
  4. In DCS, the speed of the F-15C is limited to a maximum of Mach 2.606 / 1494 knots. How high do you go to that speed - I tried at around 55,000 feet and like in this video at around 40,000, when you reach this speed and start descending more or less sharply - of course, all the time on afterburners - can't to cross that speed. This is the limit imposed in the DCS.
  5. What's your altitude and speed? What target height and speed? What aspect of the goals? And what are the most important goals? Below are some screenshots - first target detected - Tu-95 detection distance> 140 nM / altitude ~ 36,000 / speed ~ 300 knots, - next target - MiG-31 detection distance ~ 75 nM / altitude ~ 30,000 / speed ~ 450 knots, - next target - Tu-160 detection distance ~ 85 nM / altitude ~ 39,000 / speed ~ 450 knots, - last detected target - Su-27 detection distance ~ 65 nM / altitude ~ 34,000 / speed ~ 450 knots. What do you think is wrong with your detection?? And one more thing - the AI winger? Is AWACS friendly nearby? If there is AWACS, the "AI" wingman can give you the designations/bearing he got from AWACS.
  6. Only the last screen can be compared to the second (with the F-15C). The first and third are made from a much closer view to the HUD. Especially the one with the F/A-18C. If you "move closer" to the HUD on the F-15C, it will also be legible.
  7. Ok, so are you 100% sure that none of the people working on the SA map touches anything in the F-15E?
  8. I do not rush anyone, I do not stigmatize anyone - I can state that in a situation where the F-15E has not been released together with the SA map, some human resources will still work on the map - I will risk a statement that the map will now be priority for the next several or several weeks - the money taken for it obliges makers to react faster to reported errors and to refine the map faster. This unfortunately means that the module we are waiting for will be developed second. So I will repeat what I have already written several times - I bet we will see the F-15E at the turn of 2022/2023 at the earliest - and personally I am focusing on 2023. I have been waiting so long, these few months do not make any difference to me Hmm... I do not think that RAZBAM employs surveyors to create maps ... rather graphic designers and programmers ... I wonder who creates the F-15E module ... let's think ... programmers and graphic designers?
  9. RAZBAM has released prerelase South Atlantiuc map. The map is not finished, but it is already in the hands of people who constantly report problems, ask when the individual parts of the map will be finished ... In a nutshell - the F-15E is put aside again for a few months - not completely, but for sure the priority now will be to bring the map to a status of at least 60-70% of the total - so the F-15E will again have a reduced number of people working on it ...
  10. This is a very good idea, because in a moment someone will start demanding an F-15E without CFT again
  11. Ask Strike Eagle pilots how often they practice air combat without CFT ...
  12. You think so? Today, the F-15Cs are still flying, they are starting to slowly enter service the F-15EX, and you say that the day will come, that there will be no fighter planes (there are still F-22s) and the USAF will remove the CFT from "E" to send them to air combat ? If necessary, they will fly with CFT in Air to Air configuration and no one will take off the CFT - and you know why? Because the pilots couldn't fight without them. If someone flies for hours and masters the plane to perfection in combat maneuvers - suddenly he will get a plane wieght change, with a changed flight "model" - a simple path to failure ... Training, procedures - there is no fight anywhere without CFT for the F-15E. Difficult to understand?
  13. Dont belive in all you find on internet... This is F-15C...
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