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  1. Those graphical glitches, are they the same as those that have been present throughout the life of Lock On/DCS? Where you are like in a bubble of say 10 meters diameter and that shows for example as a line (a think water looking through) when you are speeding down the runway.
  2. This is a show stopper and needs to be fixed in a patch. How this slipped through beta testing is beyond me.
  3. Certainly. I didnt know about this subforum either where such issues were being discussed. best regards
  4. Is anybody from the staff looking into this issue? I mailed ED a the stated e-mail above two or three days ago but only silence yet.
  5. Hello, there is an error at check out saying: Your order has NOT been successful! Transaction ID: XXXXXXXXXXXXX Your transaction was not successful for the following reason: Status: ERROR - There was an error during the payment process. The error details are: 2003 : An ERROR has occurred on the Sage Pay System. The transaction process failed. We please contact support at activation@lockon.ru with the date and time of your order and we will investigate. Is this something temporary or something only happening to me? Tried explorer aswell after opera.
  6. Where can i read instructions about bump mapping terrain? thanks
  7. No, unfortunately that is not likely. Poko, thats not what he is asking for.
  8. Ok, thanks. It's not very important. Now when i got a grasp of the views and seat positions and such i feel i can start exploring this sim. Time to set up the x-45 as well. Se ya.
  9. Ok, finally found the keys for zoom (0/= and -) Guess 0.3 (min?) zoom will do. One more question, when you press backspace the view will go back to default zoom. Can you assign a key so that by pressing it will make the zoom jump back to my prefered (0.3 or less..) zoom?
  10. Can you somehow zoom your view like in lomac? Would also like to change the "fov". This would enhance the experience much... Thanks!
  11. gustav

    Su 27 skin

    Extremely cool skin. Downloading...
  12. The low res version is missing the most simple way from LO 1.0 to FC 1.12a.
  13. I'm glad to hear that "tank killers" is not final. Pure A2G does not interest me very much. And this addon would be the third in a row of that kind.
  14. Hope ED use some of the profit (hopefully) from BS to hire more programmers. It's so slow...
  15. Hi! Tried to save halfway through a mission in the Su-25t Flaming Cliffs campaign but lomac said it was unable to. Whats up with that? Is it still broken?
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