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  1. I have to say flying the Tomcat in DCS is like stepping back in time. Like going from flying a 737 MAX to a 737-100, or from the A-10C Tank Killer II back to the A-10A off of the Fairchild factory floor or driving an original Ford Mustang versus today's Ford Mustangs. It's like going from the modern whiz-bang to a time where stick... and rudder really mattered.
  2. Can confirm the airfield equipment still works in latest beta... from last week:
  3. Thanks @lunaticfringe, learn more than one thing new every day learning to fly the Tomcat in DCS versus say... SF2 and FSX. Thanks also for all your hard work on the beta tester team! Love the Tomcat!
  4. I would also add that if we could figure out exactly what files are conflicted, we could write a .BAT file to delete the conflicts. Details on writing a .BAT file. I'd take this on to thank you @Strigoi_dk but I'm behind on work writing about the friendly skies for Simple Flying.
  5. Me too. I had to delete S-300 Series incl. Pantsir https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tI1LTHrJB2XTmW_k_4Ddp7J1VqpBgSWo/view?usp=sharing Out of my mods and enjoy the rest of the work so far. I await the patch patiently.
  6. Thanks for that as I was about to report in the same problems w/ the autopilot. Rarely works for me now as I learn flying the F-14B. At least my Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog has a good trim tab. Speaking of trim... when I take off it takes a lot of trim down to get the jet to stop wanting to naturally climb/pitch up even after setting it level on the HUD. Finally, enjoy the screenshot:
  7. I find it odd that the USS Patuxent when idle still has smoke out of the smokestack.
  8. Sure seems fitting considering the below:
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