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  1. Yeah i was thinking about that too, it makes sense, yet they stopped that practice later. It just occurred to me that the tanks shield the engines a bit better from certain angles, thus marginally decreasing the IR signature, but that's perhaps a long shot.
  2. Hullo, Couldn't think of a better place to ask this question, so here it goes: On many Su-25 pictures made during the Soviet-Afghan war you can see the wingtanks on the outer stations as opposed to the more usual inboard stations, Examples: Why could that be? Any ideas? Another oddity i learned about somewhere is that they like to keep a space between S-24´s and wingtanks to keep the fiery end of the launching rocket away from the fuel, which sounds sensible enough, but doesn't explain the above mentioned oddity since you can mount S-24´s on no less then 8 stations AFAIK.
  3. Nice one, but isn't the SA-15 command/radar guided, not IR guided?
  4. I have one more question for you guys, regarding VRS during transition to a hover. Initially i tried to counter VRS by gently increasing collective at the right time, which i understand is the way it is supposed to be done. But i recently involuntarily pitched back with cyclic, instead of increasing collective, and the result was a much smoother transition then i ever achieved before without practising for some 30 minutes. Granted, the pitch attitude changes rather significantly but i stayed steady at my altitude and my tailskid came nowhere near the dirt. I also came to a halt over my intended landing spot much faster without looking too awkward. The question is, is this the way people do it, or is it just me? Do you use collective only at that moment, or is there a little bit of cyclic pitch-back movement for that purpose as well?
  5. What is the optimal glide speed range, rate of descent, rotor RPM etc. for autorotation? I saw people in tutorials doing it around 80 KPH, but i suppose it depends on weight, altitude weather cond. etc.? I assume there will be a chart in the manual, but maybe someone can share his wisdom whilst we patiently wait.
  6. Would be nice to have that nice worn out Su-27 skin in the game. Any bored skinners out there?
  7. Takeoff, approach target area and make my first pass at the treeline, cover 102 while he goes in and make another pass to cover him. Then the first of the pilots is teleported away, 102 moves to new location to pick him up and i pick up my pilot. However then it starts going wrong, 102 lands in a little gorge from which the AI seems to be unable to take off again, he always goes nuts and crashes, and shortly afterwards the game crashes, probably because 102 is dead when some event/script fires. I will add 2 tacview autosaves. Tacview saves.zip
  8. In Soviet Russia, you punish Flight Authorities... No seriously, he´s a chopper pilot, chopper pilots are just cooler, especially russian one´s.
  9. Thanks guys, i have some 5 hours in her and feel fairly confident, my autorotations also work thanks to that tough SOB of a tailskid. :smilewink: Am i the only one who prefers to fly her without trimming her at all unless on longer-range transit? As for the DCS vid, what the heck? How? I'am baffled...
  10. Hello, i bought the Hip when it was released, but didn't get into it until recently after i saw this video: Iam therefore fairly new to helo sims, altough i played some BS. Anyways, in my trials i had a lot of flattering in certain flight states. Upon investigation i learned about the Vortex Ring State, how to recognize it and how to recover from the more severe cases. However, i still have a little flattering when transitioning from forward flight to a hover. As i understand it this happens because i lose the lift from forward movement and need to apply more collective, but even if i increase collective at that point i get some flattering. Do i have to increase collective so much that i will actually climb a bit? Is my VVI a simple air-pressure only one with the info lagging a little behind real time, meaning that i have to anticipate the loss of lift and apply more collective earlier? Is there another possible cause for it, or is it maybe normal? Another question, is there somewhere a english manual for the Hover and Low speed indicator?
  11. I like the soundtrack in the main menu of MI-8, who is the Artist?
  12. The same thing happened again after the new update and i had to do the same remedy again. Looks as if the active mission of a campaign gets corrupted with each update.
  13. Cant refuel at Farp in Campaign mission. Is it because there is no fuel resource and if so, why would there be no fuel resource at a Farp in a campaign mission? I post a screenshot showing all units and structures at this Farp.
  14. Can anybody please tell me the names of the music tracks they are playing here? The only one i recognize is the national Anthem.
  15. When i start Deployment 10/ Back to Tebedra mission my Track IR Head tilt movement is reversed, when i tilt my head to the right the camera goes left, tilt left and camera tilts right. This occurs only in this mission, i tried many other missions, it happens only in this one mission. I also checked Track IR for Game Updates and tried deleting/replacing the userfiles DCS folder, No Joy. The problem seems to be with the mission. I defragmented my C drive today so there is maybe a remote possibility that the mission file got corrupted that way, i upload my mission file, can someone please try to compare it to his or try it out? Deployment10_eng.miz
  16. The crash happened when i played KA-50 Deployment campaign/ Gundelen mission(Number 6 i think). I was looking at a Infantry group in Shkval and commencing a rocket attack, then CTD, windows message DCS is not responding. Track file could not be saved. Crashfile in the zip. Btw. i read Scorpion´s Noteworthy Crash Fix Thread after the crash and applied his suggestions, so it may or may not be remedied by his fixes. Logs.zip
  17. Thank you BIGNEWY, incognito mode worked!
  18. Iam using Google Chrome, i tried with IE but no joy.
  19. Hello, i put FC3 in my cart in the DCS E-shop, but i cant proceed to checkout. When i try to login again it just brings me back to the same page. Please help!
  20. Hello, Thank you very much, this saves off course a lot of time. I use the normal X 52 and i encountered some issues and i have allowed myself to edit your X52 normal profile according to your map legend. I uploaded it and would be glad if someone could test it on because i think there are sometimes issues with different versions of the programming software. Regards MR_BURNS2 a10edited.zip
  21. Is it possible to pay via IBAN BIC Transfer? The Problem is that i have no credit card and i dont will get one for only a few payments in a year.
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