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  1. I do not mean a typical freeze, where you're unable to move your mouse or do any keyboard input. By contrast, I think the server is still running normally when this block-traffic occurs, but cpu load goes up to 100% percent (maybe an infinite loop which is triggered in bad circumstances and has nothing to do with your mod). As a result of the cpu load, we're unable to login - because the server just doesn't has the freetime/power to handle vnc or remotedesktop process. I notice such an issue sometimes while doing some work in applications. When there is an infinite loop somewhere in the critical part of an application, it just kills anything else... Maybe? I don't know what happens exactly in this moment, because we don't see it :/ But, as already mentioned by you, we will continue testing and hope to find the problem which triggers the problem... Thanks so far for your postings!
  2. I already asked this point myself. I can't explain it either... I've attached two files showing the traffic. In the first picture you can see a continous incoming traffic around 128 KBit/s. In my opinion this traffic is generating some high cpu load which denies us from connecting via VNC or Remote Desktop and is therefore resulting in some sort of freeze. At the same time this sort of block-traffic occurs, the lua.dll of dcs is generating an error report. You can see the error report in picture 2, line 2. => Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: lua.dll (name of module) Does lua.dll manage the runtime of your modification? The first graph: Earlier before the traffic graph was generated, we had dcs running on our server. At some certain point there was a trigger, which caused this ongoing traffic you can see coming from the left and blocked us out from our own server. Roughly at time 1600 lcl we performed a hard-reset and startet dcs again around 2030 lcl. No problems so far and the traffic graph looks normal... The second graph: You can see dcs running between times 1600 and 2300 lcl. However, already at this point, the sort of block-traffic was caused. In the graph, you can see some passages straigth and level. At this point, we still had access to our server. However, after setting up the mission at 1200 lcl, the block-traffic was again caused and blocked us out from our server. Before we used your modification we didn't encounter this problem. After doing a couple of hard resets on our server, we decided to deinstall slmod again. And again, we did not encounter this problem so far. So, we already did some testing. We will continue testing in the next days. I hope the graphs provide some information in understanding our concern... Maybe there is a passage in the script which results in an infinite loop, which causes our problem? What do you mean regarding the c functions in dcs by ed? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Hi Speed, thanks for developing this modification. It powers up dcs by some nice features! I have some questions regarding the stability and infrastructure of the modification. On our server we recently noticed on-going and contionous traffic after starting a dcs multiplayer mission combined with your modification. Is there any passage in your modification which can cause network traffic? Maybe listening on a certain socket / port? Sending or receiving data from localhost, etc? I have had a short look to your lua scripts and found some net.* commands, however since I'm completly new to lua I don't even have a guess if such commands can cause network traffic? The caused bandwidth is around 128 KBit/s and our switch recognizes this traffic as incoming traffic - but that's all we get to know...
  4. Hi Acedy, I just found this utility. I will install it on our server immediately - thank you so much :thumbup:
  5. Hi, I have exactly the same problem and I just don't know how to solve this issue... Any tipps? I remapped the Unpause Button to "S". When joining as spectator, I can not unpause with S. However, if I joine as a Client, I'm able to unpause the game with S.
  6. Hey, Thank you so much for tools like Affinity. My DCS is running nearly twice as fast than normal using Affinity on an Intel Core 2 Duo E6700. Since DCS is mainly CPU dependant I wonder what will happen if I upgrade to a quadcore CPU or to the new i7-CPUs from Intel with up to 4 physical and 4 virtual cores. What performance gain may I expect? Is there any at least? How will the frame rate change if I double the cores? Will DCS benefit from more than 2 cores at all? Thanks :)
  7. Fox, :D This movie is breathtaking! It's just awesome! I really really want to thank you for this great contribution and your great efforts for this movie! The movie is also available on our website. You can download the "corrected" version here: http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=downloads&subcat=28&file=659
  8. Hey Gents, :) We've published our screenshots on our website. Enjoy: http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=gallery&cat=23 I will also upload the voice recordings from nearly the whole saturday evening in the next days! :) Sorry for the troubles with the Airshow Modification... I experience the problems, too... Looks like there was some kind of error in it...
  9. The VFAT 2006 is over... For me, it was one of the best weekends I've ever had. It was just amazing to watch the awesome performances of the aerobatic teams. I've never seen anything like this before! On behalf of the spectators i really want to thank all Aerobatic Teams for the great show! You can be very proud of you and your skills! We may look back at an amazing weekend and that's your effort! Furthermore i want to thank all who were involved in organizing the event. First of all Retsam and Frazer, Woodstock and Laud but also the Patrouille Suisse Virtuelle for their kind support in the streaming issue (thanks Manu!) and of course Striker and Lawndart from the Virtual Thunderbirds. Thank you so much! My special thanks goes out to Bublik: As already mentioned it was his idea to do something like virtual Airshows and he was the one founded the VFAT. Last but not least i want to thank the spectators for the cooperation. Nearly all spectators didn't join or leave the server during displays and therefore avoided lag. Thank you! JaBoG32_Chrissi
  10. We're dealing with the streaming issue right now... The server-side streaming already works, but we have some troubles at the client-side streaming... However, if the streaming isn't going to work, don't worry... We will provide the tracks immediatly after the landing of the aerobatic team on our website for download: http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=vfat You can get them by clicking the "download-link" in the list of participants.
  11. Hi all, Some more info for aerobatic teams and spectators: Mission File In order to get ready for VFAT we already release the actual Airshow Mission. Therefore you can get familiar with the settings and do some kind of private rehearsal :) DOWNLOAD MISSION FILE V. 1.1 (last updated: November 15th) Like in last year, all aircrafts are placed in a certain order. All aircrafts in the mission are already equipped with their correct skin. Here is a overview of how the aircrafts are ordered at the Airbase: DOWNLOAD PLAYER LIST DOWNLOAD GROUND CHART EDIT: @ Corsair: Thanks for your support! :)
  12. Hi Everyone, Finally, we've finished the Airshow Modification for VFAT 2006. Yo may download it here: VFAT Airshowpack 2006 Version 1.1 We've tested the modification carefully but we haven't found any errors. However, if you think the modifications causes some problems please let us know as soon as possible. Please also check whether all skins install correctly. :) We will release the mission file, schedule and ground charts shortly. Important: We made a change in the start times of VFAT on Saturday! Since the Virtual Thunderbirds have only got time between 18.00 and 19.00 GMT we're going to start already on 18.00 GMT on Saturday (not Friday; Friday starts at 19.00 GMT!). So, on Saturday, they are the first team performing the display. Friday: 19.00 GMT ~ 22.30 GMT Saturday: 18.00 GMT ~ 23.00 GMT We also updated our VFAT page and published some more details: http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=vfat&lang=en This page contains all information you need to know about the VFAT. There is also information about the Western and the Eastern Server. On Friday all displays are going to run on the JaBoG32 Server (Europe). On Saturday however, the first performance (the display of the Virtual Thunderbirds) is going to run on the VTB-Server (US) and afterwards we switch back again to the JaBoG32 Server (Europe). We're all really looking forward to VFAT 2006! :D
  13. Hi Frazer, :) As already mentioned in some postings above we collect all information about the Event on our VFAT Webpage: http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=vfat There are also some rough details about the time frames of when the teams are going to fly. Since the schedule is not yet finished the page will be updated some more times ;) So therefore i hadn't included a timeframe into the Airshow Mod. The Airshow Mod itself will be published on Monday evening, at the latest on Tuesday. I'm still waiting for some skins. Probably, one more team from France - the "First Haven Squadron" - is going to participate.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm back online and i really apologize for all the problems... But in order to get along: The problems on our Dedicated Server are solved and right now I'm finishing the Airshow Modification 2006. So the Rehearsal can be held :) Like in the postings announced before the Rehearsal Part 2 will start at 19.00 GMT. As usual all information can be found here: http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=vfat I will provide a download link to the airshow modification as soon as it is online. btw: We can't promise that tonight we will have the actual airshow mission. If we have enough time we try to create it, but if not we will use a default mission without waypoints or special marking points as requested by some teams.
  15. Hi Corsair, In order to save fps we've been requested to not use any unnecessary ground objects (eye-candy) at the airbase. So, I'm very sorry, but this year we're not going to have a static display. But perhaps next year... who knows? ;) Teams and Solo-Pilots can sign up till Sunday/Monday.
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