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  1. Trying to learn ACLS, already familiar with how to fly a CASE III approach. I edited the default mission in persian gulf adding the Link 4 and ACLS commands. Following Wags tutorial everything goes as planned until ATC calls for "ACLS lock on, say needles", I don't get the tadpole circle like in the video and if I try to turn on the CPL mode (while being already with ATC approach mode at 140kts) it engages CPL HDG mode, until it automatically disconnects about 2 miles from the carrier. Did I set it up wrong in the mission editor? The DATA warnings I get are all the same as in the video including the final LDG CHK message. ACLS test.trk
  2. It's not really a training mission but it's in the default ones, after reaching the first waypoint the tanker starts diving towards the ground very steeply and turning erratically with an irregular bank angle https://imgur.com/a/ijqMINk
  3. I'm sorry I don't have a track because it was after a 2.5 hours missions and they all get crazy after 10 minutes so I figured what's the point of that. Speaking of the title, returning to the carrier I first checked in, got my marshall instructions and then instructed my wingman to RTB. I got angels 6 and he was at angels 7, flew the approach by the book nailing the descent time by about 10 seconds. In the last 2-3 miles I get cutoff, I can see by the top right message that he gets a waveoff rating but still ends up landing and then I get the foul deck waveoff message by the LSO. Sorry if it sounds confusing, hoping I've made myself clear.
  4. I'm glad I found this because I was having the same problem and yes it's getting stuck right after getting hit by the turbulence of the eagles taking off
  5. I just noticed everyone was saying this a couple of hours ago, still thanks for the answer
  6. Well the title says it all, I got the most recent update but it was only 700MB, it didn't download the map
  7. All the missions have messed up cloud height since 2.7, they all need a fix
  8. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3307115/
  9. Just a heads-up for users who don't have the supercarrier addon, the included familiarization missions don't work properly and you have to edit them changing the included carrier to CVN-74 Stennis
  10. No I mean the one that's usually assigned to LAlt+C on the keyboard, I managed to make it work myself by cannibalizing the lua file from another module but I don't get why it's locked from editing by default. I added this line manually to the default.lua file in the mouse folder {combos = {{key = 'MOUSE_BTN4'}}, down = iCommandCockpitClickModeOnOff, name = _('Clickable mouse cockpit mode On/Off'), category = _('General')} I tried to copy the diff file from the saved games but it didn't work, sorry if I'm not clear
  11. I'm used to assign a mouse button (not the middle one) to toggle between panning and clickable cockpit mode, in other modules it works but in the harrier I just bought the Mouse column is greyed out and I can't map any control to it
  12. Upping this, or at least can someone tell me how to mess with the lua files to make it work?
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