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  1. The engine does definitely look interesting (there seem to be a few more videos at the infinity website as well http://fl-tw.com/Infinity/infinity_videos_1.php ), apparently it is going to be free to license the engine for non commercial use, so whos gonna be the first to create a free flight sim with it :biggrin: Lobo
  2. Just as a side note this video was shown as part of the Game Developers Conference as a demonstration of the technical aspects of the new terrain engine. The link below is to the powerpoint file of the whole presentation and is pretty interesting, quite technical in parts, but it gives some idea of what MS is working on in terms of the terrain: http://rapidshare.de/files/16620222/GDC2006_Szofran_Adam_Terrain.ppt.html Lobo p.s. One of the embedded videos in the presentation is missing unfortunately but the MS developer who gave the presentation said the following about that: "Mon Mar-27-06 11:17 PMby Adam Szofran By the way, the missing "living world" video is missing for a reason. It contained some super-secret stuff that isn't really done yet so our marketing department only allowed me to show it at the conference but not upload it. Sorry, but it'll all get out in time... "
  3. I posted this in another thread here as well but just in case there is anyone who hasnt seen this video yet here it is again, apparently this is the terrain engine in the next version of flightsim (and yes I know its a no combat sim, but it would be pretty cool to have something like this in the next ED project :D ) http://rapidshare.de/files/16545247/spaceshot2.wmv.html Lobo
  4. Video does indeed look good, but how about this one: http://rapidshare.de/files/16545247/spaceshot2.wmv.html Apparently the new MS FSX terrain engine, looks pretty impressive if you ask me, would be nice to have something like this is the next ED sim :D Lobo
  5. Not very difficult, dongles are still not going to stop determined pirates. I remember when 3D software like 3D Studio Max (costing several thousand more dollars than Lock on !!) had a hardware dongle which would cause constant problems, dongles would stop working and have to be replaced in which time the software could not be used and in addition to all of this you did have dongle software emulators created by pirates that still allowed the program to be widely copied and distributed. Lobo
  6. and to clarify you also need to be in the US as pointed out by this bit at the bottom of the page: "*This offer is available in the U.S. only while supplies last. Limit one per customer. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery." Lobo
  7. Yup, other than the cover everything else is B & W. Lobo
  8. Just received my manual from simware this morning, looks good. Would have looked better in colour but i am sure that would have pushed the price up a fair bit so its good as it is :D Lobo
  9. Really ?? Seems to work fine with me. Lobo
  10. For a nice compilation of similar shots check out the competition that was run by The Register website: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/10/14/google_earth_competition_results/ Lobo
  11. Come to think of it you actually have a point. With their programming talents I am sure ED would be able to work something out :) Lobo
  12. As with others I also know a bit of Russian so I`m not too bothered. If we actually do have a clickable cockpit we will also presumably have a mouse pointer so an interesting option may be that if you hover the pointer over the Cyrillic a tool tip type label shows up with a translation (thats probably not possible with the current engine though ??) Lobo
  13. There are some new high res (1600x1200) shots of "Black Shark" over at Simhq.com for those that havent seen them: http://www.simhq.com/_air4/air_153a.html Lobo
  14. Ok so just out of curiosity does anyone know if the development on the follow up to Lock On has begun or is that only going to happen after 1.2 has been released ? Lobo
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