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  1. people should mind their own business. ED should develop the gunpods and if someone doesn't want them then don't use them. Let other people be happy. The module is not only yours.
  2. Agreed. When does it become a convenience?
  3. Bite and switch play is strong around here...
  4. Not exactly an option for every user. I don't see a reason why an implementation of the DTC a la Deka or Heatblur can't be possible. At least while we get the "proper" implementation, which at this point may take another 3 years for all they care.
  5. This is nowhere near what I asked. I guess asking is a right and answering is a courtesy, right? I bet such a list doesn't even exists, which is alarming to say the least.
  6. Why delete it from the list then? What's your point exactly? Where is the detailed list of EA features and "Product sustainment" Features?
  7. You would do better avoiding sarcastic comments when you are under pressure. Whether is it subject to change or not the scummy bait and switch is unethical, and the sneaky removal of the features from the list is borderline "legal" because of that little line you like to quote. This happens time and time again. You guys either don't learn that the community notices these things, or you stopped caring at all.
  8. Oh well then, that's that sorted. No worries boys. The BF109 may have gondolas and rockets added after EA... hol' up... It's the simple things BN. Questionable actions and going behind people's backs is what erode trust in ED. Would it be so difficult to announce publicly the changes in the roadmap (and clear explanation as to why) because it is subject to change? Why the need to do it under the table?
  9. +1 on gunpods, rockets. Not fair to NOT implement them just because someone doesn't want them. They can still choose NOT to use them. Cockpit revampt would be most appreciated as well...
  10. hello, Any chance i could have fuel comsuption data for flight planning?
  11. Hi, Is there a way to edit the aircraft and ground units that the coalitions use?
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