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  1. hey there, do you have an LCAC mod by any chance?


  2. Hey Guys I did a search but really couldn’t find an answer. So here’s my issue, I have 2 MFD screens connected to 2 lilliput 7 inch monitors and my problem is that they don’t activate in openbeta when I go into the game. I have no problem with the regular dcs version they start up np. I’m sure I’m missing something silly but I simply copied the .lau file from my main install to the open beta. Is there a line in the lau file I need to change to activate. After I very long hiatus from dcs, they brought me back to this sim with the addition of the AH-64.! A lot of old timers here like me I’ve missed like Hawkeye and his gang. Anyways I would appreciate any assistance thanks in advance.
  3. I’m interested in joining will pick up the Apache on this Saturday. Need to learn it. Looking forward to flying with you guys
  4. Hoping you can help me.

    I'm trying to create a F4E skin to reflect a squadron from Vietnam.  Looking for a camo F4 DDS file that I can edit...Im a novice so I figure that's the best way for me.  Simply want to insert the tail code and some other basic info.

    Any advice?

    My best - Dave

  5. This is a great tool thank you. I do have a question I made a character but my DOB is incorrect how can I edit that DOB. Again a great tool
  6. Thanks Black no worries man, just asking. Also what format are the templates in? I have adobe and PSP just curious which program to use for making the skins!
  7. Any chance you can add another download link for the skin templates, like media fire or something else. This link takes close to 4 hrs to download. Id like to do a skin pack for the greyhound, thanks Black
  8. Beautiful work I’ll be watching this closely. If we could just get the A-6 Intruder we would be set for Vietnam era missions..
  9. Just a friendly bump in case pilots are looking for this
  10. You and me both, its the only plane that will bring me back to DCS
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