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  1. OK, i did a repair as well and after this my game did not start. In the opening post the downloadlink is gone where i can download the OCXR_WMR_ACC_v0.6.3.zip file. Good luck i have saved the 0.6.3 file so i pastet the files and it ran again. But: Where do i get new files? is 0.6.3 the latest version? This, shown in the screenshot doesnt work. No DCS Icon appears for me
  2. Wow...okay, nice find. Works perfect. Thanks. BTW: Same Problem in the Viggen with the "Toggle Pilot" funcion.
  3. Thats really strange. Uninstalled the Module completely and tried to set up the config from scratch, but i can not map "Toggle Mirrors" M on any stick. I duble click, but nothing happens. Every other option is working as usual...
  4. For me its just a grey retangle in VR.
  5. Weird, i can not bin "M" to any of my sticks? My problem or known issue?
  6. Link fixed it, but i had to remap averything, which is annoying, but not a big deal. Thanks
  7. Anyone else has this problem? My Throttle (Winwing) is not working any more, and -for example- i have no more left and right thrust settings?!? Every other module is fine.
  8. OK, i see. But this is not for me. Knowlege- and timewise. At least it would be ok, if i can select HUMVEE and Trucks for German side. Is there a chance to change in the lua file (like in aircraft liveries) for which country i can select them? I mean we have tons of US equip.
  9. Nice. The main problem for me ist, that there no vehicles avaiable for the "Bundeswehr". Iltis, Wolf, trucks...nothing....only armor.
  10. Ok, now with 110% in Open XR i am at aroung 58-68 and it looks most of the time smooth. Only wenn i cold start the time sitting in the plane ist more demanding (~50 fps), but while airborne its mostly cool. Clouds seem to be a huge factor... Another (maybe) dumb question: Does this here affect my other games like Alys, ACC, IL2 or stay the untouched from this experiment here with dcs?
  11. Thanks, bt i knew that already. @Rudel_chw Looks exactly what i searched for. I will go into a deeper look next week...# Main problem for me: i dont know how troops are composed exactely. I have to search for Bundeswehr info...
  12. @edmuss whats your spec? I think that Rprojection activated in OpenXR is not a good choice. If i enable is i go around 28-35 fps, if not im around 50-60 with my settings (nearly same as you but MSAA at 2, 1920*1080 and Civ Traffix low.
  13. Im really struggling with it right now. I got superb results with my old PC (i9-10900K @ 3080, WIN10). Now i got my new PC (i9-12900K @ 3080TI, WIN11) i have lower frames (about 10-15) as with SteamVR. Strange? Anyone made the same experience? Cause of WIN11 maybe? DCS was clear and fresh isntalled, 3 files put into bin...made same then before.
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