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  1. I have tired all of that:P Installed latest patches, switched to internet, no use! I tried it in my desktop but it only displays 4 or 5 servers. But I use laptop cause it has better components and doesn't lag. Thx for fast reply!
  2. Hi, I can't view mp servers in mp on fc2! I tried connecting directly but it would just say " can't connect ". Please help soon I would like to play mp soon!:cry:
  3. Hello, I'm new to this group so can any on tell me what is the sever and when do you guys play?:helpsmilie:
  4. When I played MP and loged out I went to check network.cfg and it looked like yours exept it didn't have pause_on_load=enable, but I still can play just by pressing pause/break. thanks you for your help:)
  5. Mine doesn't even look like that? Maybe because it's just installed and i didn't play MP. Thanks in advance!
  6. Sorry I found network.cfg but I didn't find pause_on_load = false why's that??
  7. There is no such thing as network.cfg or maybe you're talking about lomac?:huh:
  8. Found solution to unpause DCS: BS I had the same problem as you it wouldn't unpause. :chair: After some days of banging my head to the wall I found the solution! :thumbup: To fix it go to Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50\Scripts\Input and click input.lua go to the 13th and 14th line and put two slashes behind it like this, --setHeadTrackerDllPath('./bin/headtracker/headtracker.dll') --restartAllDevices() It worked for me so it may work for you!
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