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  1. Well, in essence it is still a Mach cone, just smaller and local. Even when flying subsonic there are local areas of supersonic speed (due to airfoil curvature) that end in a shock, with the phenomena that you described so well. That's what defines the transonic speed region; if anywhere on the aircraft you find supersonic speeds while still flying subsonic.
  2. Think of the trim ball as a lateral accelerometer. In (aerodynamic) trim in a straight flight all accelerations are zero, so trim ball stationary. Any trim ball deflection still showing is due to the gravity component. A left deflection if you are banked to the left, right if banked to the right (still trimmed). You might as will be trimmed in a sideward flight with FPV pointing sideways as long as it's stationary.
  3. The way you describe the effects and the terms you use it's hard to believe you've ever been near a real helicopter, let alone fly one.
  4. I'd say anything distracting you from the outside view for reference is not helpful. I'm so glad we're having the RIO to call out the fuel state without the need for a head down checking the instruments.
  5. I don't know why I would need the airspeed in numbers. It's all about the relative positions. you're in charge of position by use of the throttle. Speed could be anything. It's going back and forth w.r.t. the tanker. Small corrections. Once you are hooked up, slowly proceed forward so you have more room for corrections forward/backward.
  6. There's absolutely no need to have HUD information (or any other instrument). It's all about you positioning your aircraft with respect to the tanker. In fact I used to switch it off completely to have a clear view of the tanker to which you are flying formation with. Focus on a tanker wing point, not the basket, this prevents too harsh corrections.
  7. I can easily perform the AAR from an edited mission but fail (almost) every time I do the 'Stock' instant one. I guess it might be the tanker airspeed which makes all the difference. Try 250kts at 8000ft instead. As for tanker the IL-78 is my favorite. Lots of body for reference.
  8. This has been an issue from day one of V2.7 and the new clouds. It worked flawlessly before. Multiple resolution displays don't seem to work. At the time I thought it should be considered a major issue but apparently it is not.
  9. How about a helium filled balloon tied to the floor. What is that going to do? Brings back memories of physics class...
  10. Add next line to your monitor setup file and everything will be directed to your center screen. 'Center' is the name you provided in your .lua script UIMainView = Viewports.Center
  11. Unless you are hovering I see no need to have dust protection at low level flight; you are flying away from possible dust build-up. And most generator fails recover if you ask less power, in my experience.
  12. I find the DCS contrails in your examples more like it is in RL than your RL footage. Your RL footage looks oversaturated and does not really represent a contrail. I'd say leave as is. Nothing wrong with 'blockiness'.
  13. Check if the name you specify in the first lines of the .lua file, is the same as the filename. Think I had something similar. Files are also ignored it there's a typo.
  14. Hard: your landing zone is virtually guaranteed to be obstructed from at least one side, and usually there are obstacles (trees, buildings, vehicles, power lines) close by that may even extend into your LZ. Size of the LZ is what you would expect in real-life extraction missions. Time limit is harsh, and breaking the limit will reduce the entire score to zero. Could it be that you exceeded the time limit?
  15. Omg, I still have this one in the box. Always remembering me that I should find some time to actually build it. Such a precious one that I don't want to rush it... It even included pictures how someone else build a fantastic diorama with it. I also remember a Revell F-14 box with Wolfpack livery, one of those that's also available for DCS...
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