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  1. Are you using any level of Shake elimination (I think it's called)? With no MR it's great for targeting accuracy with IHADS or just mouse pointer in general. With MR enabled, it's a jello screen mess.
  2. Sr.


    It's the TM base. The screws aren't the problem, it's the ps2 connecter not being properly oriented to the proper direction. The 4 lobes are 2 different sizes. I resolved it by using a Dremel to shave down the 2 outlined in blue so they will fit where the 2 outlined in red want to go. Had to swap axis in controls, but I got it working.
  3. I think it's luck of the draw.... I don't even notice a flicker.
  4. Right. I found myself saying, "try that over Caucuses in the A-10 or Apache"
  5. Sr.


    Bought one of these based on the recommendation of a Youtube'r. Takes a month to receive only to realize it's apparently assembled incorrectly... the locking lugs that go to the base are 90* out. lesson learned... don't order <profanity> from China when avoidable.
  6. Shutting off the other shader mod was the ticket. Just tried my trk file again and stayed in the 12s for GPU. Down from 14403 earlier.
  7. Mine did the strobing thing one run of SteamVR cliff house... after that, all I could get was audio. I was sure I'd frag'd my G2 And your package began it's long journey to the other side of the planet yesterday.
  8. Interesting. I'll do some vanilla/OXR only testing after work. Had you tried clearing the shader cache in Radeon Software?
  9. Got it working... though, no noticeable improvement. Haven't picked through Radeon software to see if I need to enable something. Prior to, I was seeing 14403xx in the OXR tool GPU counter. After, relatively same flying same trk file. I recommend NOT upgrading the driver. Instead, I had to remove using DDU(in safe mode) then run the installer for the Preview Driver. I also recommend disconnection your internet before starting in safe mode to run DDU, to prevent Windows from auto installing the driver on reboot. I doubt we'll see any help from this on the GPU side simply because DCS is so CPU limited as it is.
  10. About to. edit: that might be a fail.... I get no image in headset now, OpenXR or SteamVR
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