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  1. Mine started doing this a couple weeks ago. Haven't found a cause but, most of the time if I restart WMR and DCS it doesn't occur on the next launch. But will sneak back in later. Like it's every other time.
  2. Is it possible to disable or uninstall the Vcom kneeboard? It seems to be bugged. By bugged I mean, it randomly flips pages and still displays bogus ATC info. Today I was sitting on the tarmac at Nellis, pulled up the ATC page and it shows I'm at Vaziani
  3. After watching a couple video walk throughs of the campaign, I fired up mission 2 but, I can't find an entry for the SA-2 on either HARM table. Has something change in DCS since March? ah... think I'm supposed to be in POS mode.
  4. Sr.


    I managed a rip and replace... still get nothing in DCS with the app running. Used basically similar settings I had with the old NS, but still no help turning around. Edit: Got it sorted. I DO like the new rotation smoothing effect.
  5. Sr.


    Oops...I think it broke something.
  6. Sr.


    Should this field be clickable? I can see the API loaded, but still no joy in DCS.
  7. OXR for WMR update in the Microsoft Store
  8. https://www.atlasofwonders.com/2022/06/where-was-top-gun-maverick-filmed.html
  9. Will have to wait until they release it digital, but I seem to recall they showed a GPS coord in the mission briefing. May be completely made up but... I've read elsewhere it was near Lake Tahoe.
  10. All I had to do post update is delete(again) the D3DCompiler_47.dll from bin
  11. Same. I rolled back to the last December release. Which are you on now?
  12. I have a similar issue after the Radeon Software upgrade. First launch WMR portal I get black/grey display. Close/Open WMR again, now an image but heavy flicker. Close/open again... lighter flicker. Close/open one more time and it's normal. It's almost like it is cycling through different refresh rates from the intensity then lessening of the flicker rate on the 2nd and 3rd restarts. This happens every subsequent time I sit down to VR.
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