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  1. Campaigns that come for free with aircraft modules can be found in the mods/aircrafts/<module name>/missions/campaigns (or something like that). Not the mods/campaigns folder as for the payware ones.
  2. +1 on all of those ! "Viper Pilot" by Dan Hampton is also a good read, if you're into F-16s.
  3. Weird, I always seem to have time for one orbit, if not two. Sometimes more if there's many aircraft in the recovery ahead of me. CV NATOPS ( a.k.a navair 00-80t-105, can be found online easily ) makes no reference to airspeed limitations either within the Carrier Control Area (50nm) or the speed at which the holding pattern should be flown (although common sense and plane NATOPS recommend max conserve). There are probably airwing-specific procedures in place and of course CATCC has full control over their airspace. Also, if your fuel status is a concern for flying 450kts GS, then I don't think it's a super great idea to waste time orbiting in the marshall stack ??
  4. I had the same issue, I'm not sure how the mission is supposed to unfold there. Happy to hear some hints !
  5. Just to balance things a bit, I'm one of those who play DCS campaigns for the roleplaying aspects as well as the flying, rather than for the action proper. I've thoroughly enjoyed this campaign, as I did The Crew pt 1 (will there ever be a part 2?) and even Oilfield that has zero combat.
  6. I also got bitten by this issue and it took me half of forever to understand the cause. (yes call me lazy, I used to skip setting the ALT value before alignment). Did the default altitude change from zero to 99999 at some point ? Or maybe in the past the radar used to read the altitude from the altimeter ? Anyways, that seems a bit strange to use the INS to feed the altitude to the radar, is that the same on other airplanes ? I always thought they used data from the altimeter...
  7. You need to "transfer licenses" (sync would be a better term) after each Steam purchase. Go into your DCS account, edit profile, section "steam account", click "get licenses" (new items show up in green) then click "transfer licences". And now you should own PG also on standalone as well as Steam.
  8. Hear, hear ! Sharing this classic : https://m.xkcd.com/1053/ Sorry for the off-topic comment but it'd be nice if more people shared in this philosophy.
  9. I just finished the Huey variant, I'll try the Gazelle later on. Flying and mission design : excellent. Short missions with good atmosphere and many things happening in the background. Never too hard but no piece of cake either. I liked that the copilot would set up the radios, etc. That's a really nice touch. Briefings, inflight discussions, etc : would be excellent too, but I found it a bit hard to follow at times. I guess the translation could be improved as some sentences don't feel quite right sometimes. Nothing major but since there's a big backstory, it would make it even more valuable. Nitpicking: I would have loved to fly an Mi-8 again ! (my fav helo ) Now I may have to buy the Jeff to get the next part of the story Keep up the good work.
  10. My fix doesn't affect your stats, those are stored in your "Saved Games" folder. The file to replace is ED's code inside the main DCS folder (hence the need for me to re-update it regularly when they update the file but still don't pick up my fixes).
  11. Most of those airframes are 40-50 years old. Remember the computers of that time ! (for those who can ) We have the benefits of hindsight and decades of UI/UX research and testing.
  12. Sorry, obligatory reference. Thanks Terry Dactil for the comprehensive information, most interesting.
  13. They should be in your main DCS install folder : DCSWorld\Mods\campaigns\DCS NTTR F-15C Red Flag Campaign\Doc , I see a campaign guide PDF file and two PDFs for each of the 10 missions. HTH, Buzz.
  14. I had no idea ! Many thanks, I love history What an extraordinary place. Now I want to go and visit... @MiG21bisFishbedLyou should do a mission/campaign where people would fly to all those places in Syria and you would provide all the historical context and references. Maybe using the T-51, so everyone could fly around ?
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