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  1. Perfect! Thanks for your reply!
  2. Hey fellows! Got a question: On the graphical LDG chart in the manual it says when turning crosswind "SPEEDBRAKE ... OUT". (p 97) Do you keep the SPEEDBRAKE extended until after touchdown (for ENG spool-up time)? or are you going to retract it on final? Thanks for your help!
  3. Yeah, exactly. Took the stalls speeds to get Vat. Right now I will experiment with Vtgt = Vref + half HWC [min 5] + full gusts, at least this is what I am used to
  4. Problem solved... I derived it from the stalls table...
  5. Hey everyone! I am looking for an approach speed table vs. aircraft weight (or fuel remaining). Is there anyone who can provide this? Thanks!
  6. This is great! Thanks! Maybe I can work with this... What I am looking for is something like this for CLB / CRS / DES / HOLD / FINAL and GA
  7. Hey everyone! In the official C101 there is no pitch&power table provided. Is there anyone who can provide one? Thanks for your help!
  8. you are welcome! right now I am fixing some minor errors... when it's done you'll get the update!
  9. So today I upgraded to win11, but needed to return to win10 for DCS... unfortunately, as win11 looks pretty neat. Desktop feels snappy and runs very smooth. BUT... DCS needs to be tuned for win11, or the other way round. I am running DCS in VR and on win10 it runs just smooth. With win11 I had extreme stutters and lags, both in the cockpit and while looking "outside". Scenario was on top of clouds for a CASE III recovery... My machine: 11900k, 3090, 4tb nvme, G2 as VR and all drivers are up to date... When either DCS is tuned for win11, or after a while when win11 has received some updates, I will certainly return. But just right now, win11 is no option for me on the gaming PC as it is mainly used for DCS...
  10. Hey everyone, as I announced in the chapter_1 thread, chapter_3 has gone active. It should be used either in conjunction with chapter_1 or if you already know the hornet. Otherwise, it'll be hard to "read". Not much text is to be expected as it is meant to a QRH (Quick Reference Handbook). I will surely be releasing a kneeboard, as chapter_1 has blown the limits of a kneeboard. So read chapter_1 and use chapter_3 as the kneeboard (not yet released) Here you can grab it: F/A-18C Flight Manual QRH [chapter_3] (digitalcombatsimulator.com) Greets cruizzzzer
  11. Hey everyone... It has taken me a while to upload my newest version of chapter_1. Though I've been updating it almost every day since the last release, I finally made it to upload chapter_1. Unfortunately, I will be skipping chapter_2 due to reasons I cannot tell here... Sorry for announcing it, and "drawing" it back like this... But, I just released chapter_3, with is meant to read in conjunction with chapter_1. You can fetch it under: F/A-18C Flight Manual QRH [chapter_3] REV14092021 (digitalcombatsimulator.com) chapter_3 is a QRH (Quick Reference Handbook), so not much text is to be expected. You should know the hornet and/or chapter_1 before getting into chapter_3. Have fun with the chapters and as always... hope it helps and happy LDGs! Greets cruizzzzer
  12. Yeah... you are right. Kneeboard builder starts converting with 00-png for page 1 and continues... So the kneeboard is offset by one. Guess I already have a work-around, so the png's will match the page number. Thanks for pointing this out!
  13. hmmm, need to check on that... Thanks for the info! Gonna get back on this issue...
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