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  1. This has been happening to me for awhile now.  I renamed options.lua, and started up fine.  But, after clicking the High, turning on vsync and fullscreen, the next boot started minimized.

    Log attached.  I think I might need to clear sharders.



  2. 43 minutes ago, captain_dalan said:

    Some thread revival here, as i may have some helpful info. For the longest time i suffered from periodic hiccups in performance, that wouldn't always hit, but when they did they stayed there indefinitely, even after i restarted DCS. So about a week ago i found this forum and decided to try the disable power service and disable my anti virus during play. Lo and behold, this helped and the stutters did disappear. Until tonight that is. I flew around doing AAR, CASE I's and some instant action missions with no issues. And then i switched to a free flight mission during sunset. As i flew low over Beirut with all the city lights on the performance dropped (expectedly) from around 50 (my average) to around 30 or slightly bellow. 

    This is when the funky stuff started again. After i flew over Beirut and into the sea, the average FPS got back to 50, but every few seconds it would drop to 30 or bellow. So turned off the mission. Started another mission in daylight and over desert. The stutters are back there as well. I change the map and the stutters remain. I turn off DCS, start it again and the stutters are still present.  

    So in a moment of inspiration i change the resolution of DCS to the next lower 16:9 one (i was on 1980 x 1080 by default), DCS restarts itself for the settings to take effect, i start the same mission on Syria in brad daylight......et voila! The stutters are gone. I exit the mission, change the resolution to the default one, DCS restarts itself and the stutters are no longer there. I start flying real low, like treetop low over a densely forested area, the performance drops, and after i clear the area, the stutters are back. So what ever causes the stutters seems to go away when DCS restarts itself during settings change, but not during manual shut down of the program. 


    Did someone report or noticed anything similar thus far?

    How much VRAM do you have on your GPU?  Syria Map is very VRAM hungry.  The map can consume 10GB of VRAM easily.  When you run out of VRAM things get copied from Dedicated to Shared VRAM.  This can cause stuttering.  You can watch the consumption of VRAM in the Task Manager.  Try setting Terrain Textures to LOW, and View Distance to LOW or MED.

  3. 1 hour ago, edmuss said:

    I think it's no longer part of the DCS install and it uses the system installed version. Even if you repair it I don't think it will return

    Well, my opencomposite install went TU last week, and a repair got me working with SteamVR again.  That file is no longer in the bin folder, so improvements have been made.  SteamVR works great now, BTW, with pixel density 1.0. 

  4. 10 hours ago, Nealius said:

    I remember using them in 4.32 and dropped at about 500' or less.

    You are correct.  I've spent maybe 1 hour in BMS.  Guess I wasn't looking hard enough.  There are some good youtube videos of the BLU-107 delivery from BMS.

  5. I got VR working with Opencomposite.  I made the mistake of leaving DCS in VR mode, and then one day it just would not start.  I had to do a repair to get it to launch.  I'm hesitant to try it again.  2D is still fabulous.  The quality of 2D in DCS is a real achievement IMHO.  Easily the best performance on the market now.  If they day comes when VR is better than 2D I'll jump back in.

    Edit: So I had to try again, and I just flew a mission over PG with vanilla settings, no OXRTK, PD 1.0, and it was flawless.  Still, 2D is something to be celebrated.

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  6. On 7/6/2022 at 5:12 PM, M1Combat said:

    Didn't we decide that all these settings have no effect or only negative effect (pre-render to 4) aside from "Prefer max performance" and maybe MFAA?

    Try Low Latency Mode = Ultra, turn off all vsync and frame limiters, set your resolution to 1080p, and for VR leave vr pre-rendered frames at 1 and turn off motion reprojection.  This only works if the CPU is working harder than the GPU, but you want the CPU to be working harder because it is the ultimate controller of the pipeline.  If your GPU frame times exceed your CPU frame times, it means the GPU can't keep up to the CPU.  If your GPU frame times are higher, then this doesn't work.  My 3080Ti and i7 11gen loves it.

    Handy Nvidia latency video to watch.

  7. Mission building is a big part of DCS. 

    Get to know the mission editor. 

    I like to fly recon missions over an area that I think would make a good battle zone, identifying bridges and roads that my units will move along, checking lines of sight, etc. 

    Build a mission with no threats that has a populated world of air, sea and ground units. 

    I like making mach loop missions for each map. 

    Build a combat mission with a handful of ground units that move toward an objective, then add defending units, then add air defence, etc.  Fly the mission at each stage to ensure the units are behaving correctly.  Build up the missions until you lose more often than you win.  This will establish a nice level of challenge. 

    The mission generators are a great way to build larger missions, but they can be a challenge for beginners.  There are great youtube videos on mission building.

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  8. Another question, while the topic is hot, with the old Lantirn pods you had to power up hardpoints 1 & 2 on the right panel.  I am guessing those switches are redundant now and the ALQ-184 is hard wired?

  9. 8 hours ago, skypickle said:

    Don’t really know where to begin. Running Msi afterburner I can see cpu and gpu utilization- neither goes to 100% even when I am seeing 30 fps in multiplayer servers. Running an overclocked 3090


    30 fps is perfectly acceptable so long as it never drops lower.  I've never played multiplayer, so I can't speak to it.  Speed of Heat's VR settings are a good place to start.  These are conservative settings that you can increase one by one until you find the sweet spot.  I turn off terrain shadows, set Visibility Range LOW, MSAA x2, resolution 1440p.  SSLR and SSAA are expensive settings to enable.  If you are stuck at 30 you may have Vsync turned on in game settings or the NCP.  I use vsync and get a solid 60 of course in single player with my 3080Ti.  You can post screenshots of your settings here if you like. 

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  10. This is a "red herring", and it has nothing to do with the DCS engine.  Your GPU is designed to run at 100%, but with the CPU, after 50% performance starts to degrade.  After 85% you are hitting max CPU utilization.  The idea that if my CPU was only running at 100% I would have better FPS is just wrong.  There are lots of threads here on how to tune DCS settings.  Perhaps you should be more specific about what you are trying to achieve.  Happy to help out.

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