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  1. Because you didn't include the required script file in the mission builder
  2. ATC always says mode 2, even in Wags video which he mentions. It doesn't matter what the ATC says it matters if you engage the AP couple to the ICLS.
  3. Well it looks like there are just a bunch of idiots on here which is truly VERY sad to see. Nothing much to consider, it's VERY simple so many you can follow along. Product bad condition so can't let people try before buy which encourages sales, but product good to give money. This is flat out STUPID and it's REALLY sad so many people can't grasp this. It really shows the sharp decline there has been in the world.
  4. 20% off is very little. And charging anything while it it "not a good enough experience" make NO business sense at all. I don't know what people have such a problem with wrapping their heads around with that or are just DCS/Apache "fanning" to ignore sense and logic.
  5. Hope not much longer also, but this also goes into the problem; how can it be not a good enough experience to let people try yet at the same time is a good enough experience to charge for. This has resulted in a rather bad impression.
  6. Create a mission start under triggers (i think it's what it's called) to run the script file for each mission you want to use it with.
  7. The only so called "demand" is precisely what was processed. And wasn't a demand at all but rather pointing out the premise the DCS has given for the trial they THEY brought forth it inconstant with their present action. A product cannot be both in too bad of a state to offer the trial and at the same time be in so good a state as to charge for. It is so nice to hear you are independently wealthy that you think $60 is nothing. That is the most entitled thing anyone has ever said. That was nonsense. What others do is irrelevant to what THIS company does. Truly I think you must be trolling because I cannot believe anyone would be so utterly without thought. People simply cannot be as stupid as they are appearing to be in this forum. Yea, you don't get it. Because you're to busy spouting off without thinking. A very good example of what is wrong with far too many communities. At least there is an ignore feature for toxic posters.
  8. That is frankly nonsense. Giving a discount for something which is still over $60 to purchase, yet claiming is it not in a good enough state to offer a trial prior to purchase is indefinable. Be sure to purchase your next car based only on youtube videos since you believe so strongly they are as good at trying something yourself. Take to heart the saying "it is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." Your posts had done the latter for you.
  9. To a point can understand wanting it to be in a good condition for evaluating, but that only goes so far. It cannot be in a state that isn't good enough for a 14 day trial to evaluate yet at the same time be good enough to charge over $60 to purchase without trying first.
  10. I think a great compromise for overall realism would be for steering to be as it is now, with a separate "NWS/Towbar" bindable as well. When it is not used stand along steering with differential breaking applies, but when it is held the more precise and direct control takes over for such situation as when the plane would not be guiding itself.
  11. Had it for a couple years and didn't really enjoy it because of that very thing. Tried the clickable cockpit mod and just that simple change has really shot up how enjoyable I find the A-10A. Might be something to look into if having the same experience.
  12. For the price, NO, do not "just get it" I too am awaiting the trial license to check it out first, and only after that will decide if will be buying. That is exactly what the trial is for after all. Hopefully it will be soon. Probably the same amount of time between the Mosquito coming out and the trial license being available.
  13. How near is near I'm also interested in the AH-64D but want to see how it works for me and with my setup before forking out the money for it even at a discount. That's what the trial licenses are for after all
  14. No problem I'm glad it's working for you!
  15. I just loaded a refly of the ACM 1V1 mission with the F-14 to test and it loaded up fine. What module are you trying? If it's one I have I'll try it as well. It does seem to take a little while so might just appear frozen depending on how long you waited.
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