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  1. i suggest ED add option to edit kneeboard ( typing ) in kneeboard during game play atleast make last page editable or available to write notes on it . it will be very handful to write important notes specially for old planes ex. Mig-21
  2. how can i mirror vr without black curves on the corners?
  3. hello guys, before 2.7 whenever i start up dcs with vr it get mirror for the ( actual resolution graphics for the monitor) in ( the center of the screen ). after 2.7 ,,, all i get is my VR mirror ( vr resolution with black curved edges ). any idea how to restore it? reason for asking,,, because from streaming/recording quality perspective the monitor resolution is way more better in details and frame rate. using hp reverb g2. is that change from dcs or reverb it self? because all the updates came together.
  4. when release? i will pre-order
  5. no issue here, i fly mostly all models in vr. specs : hp reverb g2 , gpu : rtx 3090 cpu : i7
  6. editable like A-4, i think it would be cool. my photo is ready.
  7. just wondering if there is any upcoming update featuring the mi-8 with bomb-sight ? in the future?
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