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  1. AFAIK Hornet C didn't have option of buddy tanking, only Super Hornet.
  2. And to be clear - you don't have to add a new waypoint to the sequence (flight plan). If it's an ad hoc target it's even not recommended. Unbox SEQ1 in bottom right corner and you can switch between any of 59 waypoints, not only 10 in sequence. Add WPT 11 and don't add it to the seq.
  3. It's hard to say what you're doing. Youtube has no limits on vide, just post the link to YT. Looks like you entered 7 digits coords, and you have precise coords boxed - it needs 10 digits coords.
  4. No! No! No! These ones are ground TACANs saved in plane's memory to correct INS drift. Do not mess with these if you're not very sure what you're doing!
  5. I use TM WH and have no issues with slewing or selecting grid. Never had.
  6. Don't set so high dead zone, but modify curves.
  7. ACLS is currently bugged and not working correctly when there are AI flights or other human flights.
  8. Do you mean carrier launch? Besides of trim do you set flaps to half?
  9. With TALDs under wings emergency jettision button doesn't drop fuel tanks, only TALDs. It work correctly with any other weapon. Jett AMRAAM.trk Jett Bombs.trk Jett Mav.trk Jett TALD.trkJett mix.trk
  10. Wags announced introducing auto anti-torque feature for players flying without pedals. It would be useful to add an option in mission editor to be able to force turning off this feature (same way as mission maker can now force on/off external views, map options, turbulence ets). It would be extremly useful option for communities demanding some level of realism.
  11. STEP button isn't for changing weapons, just to change stations of this same weapon. Use Weapon Select Switch for changing weapon.
  12. For me the biggest problem of FLIR is IR textures of terrain. It hugely changes with distance and from close range it's sometimes impossible to spot even correctly textured vehicle. In some types of terrain the background IR noice is just ridiculous.
  13. It's picture of that cluster of objects. And can't provide mission or track file, it's huge range of our community server. null
  14. No, these are cold vehicles. You can see a hot one in top left corner. The rest of objects are like 0 Kelvin.
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