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  1. https://wwsimstore.com/p/340.html
  2. might be my bad...but where is the ingame option for (fixed) foveated rendering "already used by a game" in DCS? You could try this in DCS https://github.com/fholger/openvr_foveated/
  3. Please read what peole write: From his Github
  4. https://github.com/fholger/vrperfkit This is the newer version of it.
  5. Dont get me wrong. What Leap Motion does is awesome...but aslong as i am way faster with looking at it and clicking my mouse i dont see a point in using it. The Leap Motion Demo works also way better than the DCS integration. It will get there and it will be good. But its not there yet - its a nice gimic atm. imho.
  6. I have to report that this error occurs again. When i join the Blueflag 80ies Server and go to F10 the Problem occurs instantly and repeatedly. Will do some more testing when it occurs...but havent had this problem since November. And with one older AMD driver. EDIT: Its specific to the Blueflag 80ies Syria Server and occurs as soon as you zoom in and out. Win11 - DCS - AMD 22.1.1 Driver on RX6800XT
  7. Yeah thats way past my budget, aswell. But give it a couple of years and it might be in Consumer range. My brother just got the Leap Motion thing because booth of us were excited about it. But its pretty much work in progress and due to positioning the device has a hard time tracking you hand properly when you reach to mfd´s. The whole tracking is lagging a little bit. My guess is that the Ultra Motion 170 is way better suited...but its also a bit pricey. I had the same idea as you do. But i switch airframes a lot, so a small fake cockpit wouldnt suit me.
  8. In my signature is a way to get the throttle running without the software...just in case there is no solution.
  9. If you want to get rid of the jitters on the AMD...go to SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\MixedRealityVRDriver\bin\win64OpenVRSettingsUX.exe And turn on the Reprojection in Steam. There are a lot of people saying its the same settings and it would make no difference...but they obviously never tried it and have no clue what they´re talking about.
  10. Does Steam VR run when you are using the Varjo?
  11. There are several reasons not to: -No official SteamVR support -Possible driver problems -Recent MS updates with resulting blue screens and bricked OS The new Startmenu is "unfortunate" and they furthermore seperated OS settings to different places.
  12. 5600X with RX6800XT and G2 - Upgrade to Win11 went without any issues. But i benched and didnt see any improvements...so no point to update atm.
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