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  1. Sorry for late answer. What you see Logan on screen is only basic bmp textures.....
  2. yes if I release it as a mod...
  3. Next month i will post more screen, maybe short video(but only if i have more free time time). And no, i continue work on this project....
  4. Sorry to reply,last weekend i go to the museum. Now i back....if i make animation in 3ds i make standard from 0 to 100 and for 0.001 step animation button define in clickabledata.lua.... Float aniamtion doesnt work?
  5. Hi uboats...what is your goal? Want to make an animation with 0.001 movement for a button?
  6. Hi Mark argument 26 works only with bomb.... Here: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/92490-ai-bomb-bay-doors/?do=findComment&comment=4111280
  7. This update will be a bit longer... In the first place I would like to thank you for your support and your opinions on the situation that has happened. I do not want to start another discussion about my thoughts on this situation and I don't think my personal opinion regarding this is important. I'd like to also thank Nineline and BigNewy for clearing the situation for everyone interested. Now, let's talk about the topic everyone is interested in in this thread. After all what has happened I was considering what to do next and decided that I want to continue on the work no matter what and see what the future brings. The work continues as much as my time allows. With the Summer in progress everything will slow down a bit but I believe that everything will continue as planned. At this moment the work is divided into two topics. The former is creation of UV maps and textures in the cockpit. The latter is model of the ejection seat. The seat is not ready enough to bring you guys any renders yet, instead of that here are a few textures of the cocckpit for your viewing. One more thing. Following the latest events I have decided that this will be my last update / news until all is done and ready, and only then I will show you the final result. I hope you'll understand... In the end let me thank you, the whole community, for the support, I really appreciate it! Now let's enjoy the summer and here are the promised screenshots of my work
  8. I see it for the first time ... what can I say, I was in contact with another 3rd party (OctopusG never contacted me), but if it's official, I can throw my three-year job and free time completely in the trash ....
  9. May update! I'll start with the news I have for you. Last weekend I visited the museum and started working on the cockpit seat. Work is also continuing on other details in the cockpit. If everything continues as soon as you can, you can expect cockpit textures and new renders! Thanks for your comments and support!
  10. It is not modeled yet but it will definitely be there
  11. April update In this update let me please first tell you why there were so few updates lately. In February I'd been sick with Covid and lying in bed with fevers. Luckily I am OK now and feeling well. In March I paused the work on the model to put together a new PC so there was less time to model the cockpit. At the beginning of April I have returned back to the modelling work and as you can see on the attached renders the cockpit is slowly getting to look as it should. I keep adding all the details and finish all the unmodeled stuff continuously. And now about the near future. What can you expect during May and/or at the beginning of June? In May I have a meeting in our military history museum where I'd like to take some detailed photos of the ejection seat. And from June onwards I suppose that the texturing work of the cockpit will start and hopefully will be completed ... and now enough of words, here are a few new renders for you
  12. January update After the holidays, my work continues. I started working on the canopy. After completing this part, I will continue on the front panel. And to that speculation. I think you will find out everything in time, now relax and look at a few canopy renders ...
  13. DECEMBER UPDATE IS HERE! The last update of this year is coming! Work continues on the cockpit model as time allows. I have omitted some details so far and will continue to do so later (this applies to the details behind the seat at the rear of the cab). I continue to model the left panels and, among other things, there will be the possibility of changing the panel depending on the suspension of the equipment on the aircraft (I mean the panel for KKR under or missiles ....). I also plan to implement changes to the external model after the completion of the high poly cockpit. In conclusion, I would like to thank you all for your kindness, comments and support this year! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  14. YoYo sometime before Christmas
  15. November update Big thanks to the people here on the forum from Slovakia who helped me to solve a few things during the pandemic !! I got to the museum and I could take pictures of the cockpit and start working. the project continues as I plan and as my free time allows. I started with modeling and today I bring you a few renders with the work done, as you can see (this applies to the right cockpit panels) some things are done and some details still need to be worked on. Gradually I want to move to the left side of the panels and finally the main panel and the seat .... once again all thanks for the comments and support!
  16. Ghostrida9 i think this can help you....if you open Matt Wagner youtube channel scroll to DCS terrain tool and you can see more video....
  17. YoYo nice photos and beautiful camo! I know you waiting more renders but please be patient i make on cockpit if i have more free time..... but big thank you!!
  18. It's too early to show you. I can say that I started modeling the cockpit ... but
  19. Only one reaction to Araks. For starting your 3d modeling skills its good but for new standard to DCS and more simulators its bad( examplewhat i see: cockpit proportional its bad....yes some switch looks good but some parts of cockpit its diferent to real cockpit....the same with panels....its not bad but proportional to real cockpit its problem and if you fly with VR and you know how looks real cockpit you see what is diferent in your 3d model cockpit....i start modeling looong time and every day i learn how to increase the quality of my work....). sorry if it was something you didn't want to hear but unfortunately so i see your work.... And please return to the main topic.....
  20. It depends on how long you can work on the model, but normally it takes about 8 months to a maximum of 1 year. So if we include 3d modeling with textures and animations for switches and buttons. It looks different than I looked at your model, but it can be seen that the dimensions do not match the real dimensions of the cockpit (also another type of sight). But otherwise I keep my fingers crossed for you! Therefore, more and more slowly it will be a standard, using 3D scanning or photogrammetry to create models where you adhere to the exact dimensions of a real aircraft. I am also constantly learning and trying to use everything that will facilitate the work on creating models ..... thanks again, for all the comments and likes!
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