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  1. Thanks dawgie, befuddled mind strikes again!
  2. I mean if I drop a 2000 pounder from the left wing and my Viper rolls right as a result of this I can trim it out with roll trim
  3. Thank you, that's what I thought and was hoping. Regards Lee
  4. Hi, Can someone clear up assest packs for me? APart from the obviouse WW2 pack which is for sale on the site, do these come with the game? I ask because I can't find them anywhere. I had presumed that the Chinese pack comes woth Marianas map but am I correct please? Thanks
  5. Mine trims in both pitch and roll. Very necessary when you drop a 2000lb bomb from one side.
  6. Please can someone help my befuddled mind? I'm sure I saw some time ago that someone had mad the Eli 21 mission for download. I should have downloaded it when I saw it but.... CAn someone point me to where it may be found please (i've searched the user files section) or just confirm to me that I am losing my marbles and I didn't see it at all. Thanks and regards Lee
  7. Hi John, Re installed, still not showing up. Appreciate your posting them. Thanks and regards Lee
  8. That's what I thought, but nothing showing up. Should I uninstall and re install? Thanks
  9. Are there any mission briefing documants pls? I have installed the module but cant find any. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the reply. I already have backups of my control .lau so I'll give it a go.
  11. Hi Guys If I switch my Rhino to mode 2 would I be able to select different actions for the various switches on it without having an effect on the ones already programmed in Mode 1? For instance, I have an idea to make a selection purely for startup on my F16 but fear that if I change anything on the controls set up it will overwrite what is already there? TIA Lee
  12. Hi Guys, I have a problem with Tacan Navigation. Returning to Batumi above a cloud layer I thought I'd try the Tacan instead of looking at the F10 map and getting a course to steer. Tuning Channel 16X, heading towards Batumi the range is increasing and not decreasing as I would expect. The pointer on the HSI doesnt sem to be pointing to Batumi either. Is it some sort of finger trouble on my part or is the Batumi tacan not 16X as it states on the info panel in the F10 map. Any help greatly appreciated. TIA Lee
  13. Hi Guys. Trying to do the Northern Flank Missions by LimaDelta. Don't seem to be able to carry missiles. No matter what it shows on the Mission Planner, the missile rails are empty. Is it me? Don't fancy heading into harm's way without self defence! TIA
  14. Hi All, I enjoyed last years Virtual RIAT and understood that the Fairford scenery was specially made for the event. I thought it would be nice to work up a display in my F16 for the event (should I get proficient enough in the manoevers) and wondered if the scenery is available anywhere and could I get it. Also, what map would I need to use it pls? Thanks in advace Lee
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