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  1. 5. RIO's radio has been bugged for me since i started flying the Tomcat (july 2020). Human RIO can't initiate calls (AWACS etc.) unless the pilot has the same radio's main menu open.
  2. I played the same mission last night and i had the same problem. It was simply impossible to refuel, because i could not see the tanker at all. The tanker had it's wingtip lights on but they did not help, the basket and the fuselage of the tanker were completely invisible.
  3. I have the exact same problem. I have tried the mission 3 times now and i got shot down every time by that SAM.
  4. Yeah, take a look at this:
  5. I'm slightly biased since the -A is my favorite plane in DCS, but i would definitely like the -A & SC version more than the other combinations. There is so much more content for the -B in general that i suspect i'm not alone in this .
  6. Hello and thank you for the awesome campaign! Do you have any plans on converting it to the F-14A-135-GR (Early), since that would be the most appropriate model for the time (1987)? Though keeping things realistic for the time would also rule out ground attack missions, so i guess taking some liberties with realism for gameplay reasons can be good.
  7. Ok, thank you for the information. After a super quick test, it seems that the CLSN button is implemented and it's working.
  8. Another bump. I have been trying to find info on how these steering modes work, but no luck so far.
  9. Yes, that is most likely the case and i just need to git gud. Still, i'm really suprised about the "exponential" feel of the throttle at lower rpm. I thought the biggest problem with the engines would have been those dreaded compressor stalls, but i haven't had a single stall since the release of the -A. Constantly struggling with AAR and getting on speed AoA though. Never thought i'd say this, but the -B feels pretty easy after flying the -A.
  10. This is my experience as well. I'm really struggling to get on speed with the -A because of this. Feels like there is a weird curve at low rpm. I move the throttle 5mm forward and the fuel flow jumps from 3000pph to 4000pph. I'm using the WinWing throttle, linear, no curves with AB @ 80%. I have read the stories and i know the TF30 was a difficult engine. Just suprised that it's this difficult..
  11. Ok, thank you for the reply. I guess i'll stay with the Soft Center cams. The reason i'm asking this is i've been binge watching Tomcat cruise videos on youtube and one video had some interesting cockpit footage: and It looks like the control stick is on "rails" in those clips and there seems to be a some sort of a detent keeping it that way. Out of interest, do you use the "two bump" cams on your WarBRD?
  12. Hello! Did the Tomcat have a physical center detent in its control sticks' pitch and/or roll axis? I was just wondering how i should set up the cams on my base so that they would be fairly similar to the real plane (with obvious restrictions). Im currently using the VPC T-50CM2 base with the default cams and the heavy spring.
  13. Tmi

    TDC slew / depress

    Hello! Just received my Super Taurus throttle recently and i like it so far. However, there is a small problem with slewing the the TDC cursor while the TDC depress button is pressed down. If i move the slew switch reeeeally slowly and close to the center position of the axis, the button (usually) stays depressed. Any fast movement and/or movement to the edges of either Y or X axis, the button wont stay depressed. Is this a hardware limitation or do i have a faulty unit? Can anyone test how their TDC slewing works while the hat switch is pressed down?
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