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  1. Lots of posts about this - a lot of them some years ago and, although perhaps not a major factor, this aircraft has added complexity since then mostly in the form of additional sensors and weapons. First I’d like to establish the context for my comments as it may provide newish simmers (and this is really targeted to them) a basis on which to evaluate the validity of these comments for their particular skill and motivation levels. I’m a long time flight simmer with DCS, X-Plane and MS FSs. However I’ve only engaged in ‘study’ level simming the last 2-3 years. But I’m retired and with nothing better to do during COVID I’ve probably spent several thousand hours on all of these. It’s definitely harder to learn and retain things when you’re older - so that’s been a factor. My first DCS aircraft was the A10A then A10C - moving recently to the the A10C II Tank Killer. I’m pretty good with those and can operate the sensor and weapon systems on those which are the most complex. I’m not to the place where I’m doing real-time multiplayer campaigns as I still have to pause the sim here and there to configure systems for the next task at times. I like variety so I’ve also learned a number of civilian aircraft during this same time, some pretty complex. That said, none of those are anywhere close to the study level (I.e. in-depth operation of all systems) complexity and learning curve of most of the modern military aircraft of DCS. I became pretty proficient in my first X-Plane two and four engine airliners within a week or so (with lots of previous smaller jet aircraft experience) It took many many months to achieve some level of proficiency with the A-10C. In my experience the F/A18-C Hornet is a very large step up from that in complexity and learning curve even even with lots of A10 time. And of course it’s all about the targeting, weaponry and associated sensor systems which are more numerous, varied and configurable. You can get a sense of complexity by looking at the table of contents in a manual like a Chucks guide (which I highly recommend btw). For the Hornet, the radar- sensor section toc alone has over 80 entries and the section is 180 pages long. The whole manual is over 700 pages. Granted there are a lot of diagrams and screenshots (which are extremely helpful), but still…. Basic flying (aviating), navigating and communicating are very similar in most aircraft. So once you have the basics of those down in a couple of them you can do those in almost anything (rotary aircraft excepted), including the more complex military aircraft of DCS. So if you get pleasure from those activities, the F/A 18C Hornet will be fun too. You might want to avoid the cold/dark starts to begin with. Going beyond that, if you like destroying stuff (and if you’re in DCS of course you do) there are a couple of weapon systems that are less complex to learn and operate. The gun, unguided missiles and bombs are examples of those and the Instant Action missions are a good place to start. YouTube tutorials will be your friend for those and everything else. Speaking of those, and related to complexity, the GrimReaper series for the Hornet has over 80 videos….yikes! If study-level is eventually your thing, the Hornet will be a fun and very demanding challenge and will be a great substitute for walking the dog, doing the dishes, streaming Hulu or raking the leaves. Or maybe you should do those to clear your head? In any case be prepared to dream of targeting pods, reticles and incoming air-to-air missiles. What could be better?
  2. Ok - I finally figured it out. After I tuned the throttle/thrust axis to be a little less sensitive in the typical throttle range for landings I am able to nail the landing pretty much every time. I used the user curve settings from forum posts from a couple of years ago. 0 8 15 22 30 39 48 59 71 85 100. Works like a charm. It's really interesting how much small thrust variations affect the ability to trim properly.
  3. I hope that's your car...hey thanks for your thoughts. I actually figured it out. The instructions for this were out-of-date - a previous version of DCS - and I finally poked around enough that I found the way to do it.
  4. Sorry to bring up this highly beat up subject - again - but I'm not seeing anything that's helpful for my situation. So I'm running some airfield landing training missions to learn how to eventually land on a carrier. I'm spawning in the Persian Gulf 10 nm out from the runway about 3000 ft AGL, and 300 kts. I'm following tutorials trying to achieve an AoA around 8, in the bracket, with fvi aimed at end of runway, with orange on-speed indicator and on the glideslope 3.5 degrees. I'm using throttle for altitude, and trim for attitude - or at least I'm trying to. I've made at least 150 attempts (with a lot of cussing) over the past week and achieved success maybe twice, I couldn't even tell you why that happened. I'm using throttle judiciously I think, but I'm having issues with trim. I can hammer on repeatedly or hold the trim button down/up to very little effect. I don't have that issue with the A10-C so I do not believe it's hardware. So because of that I'm having issues managing a steady and accurate glideslope and attitude I'm wondering if there is some aircraft state in which trim cannot really be adjusted. Here's the sequence I'm trying. Spawning as mentioned above Lower throttle to reduce speed, engage speed brake. 250kts, gear down. 225 flaps down full During this time I'm keeping the velocity indicator pretty much at end of runway with the stick while everything is settling down with all the changes. When I get below 180 I start letting go of the stick to see where I am in terms of trim. and then I start adjusting that and the throttle to maintain glideslope and AOA. And things quickly go wrong since I'm unable to change the trim quickly enough- most of the time. It either over does it or under - and sometimes there's a delay - so I'm pounding on trim for 5 seconds with no movement, then all of a sudden I have 5 degrees change I have TM Warthog stick and throttle quadrant, I've checked the mapping to make sure I do not have duplicates. Also if I use keyboard trim commands it performs just fine - but I don't have three hands so this doesn't work very well. Trim works predictably with the A10-C in DCS and in X-Plane 11 aircraft. I do notice that extremely small movements of the throttle have very large effects which is not helpful in this complex situation which requires nuanced control surface movement. I know this subject has appeared repeatedly - so if you can direct me to a post that explains this I would appreciate it. Otherwise any ideas you have in this regard would be appreciated. I'm not a newbie - I've been doing DCS and other flight sims for many years - so this is very frustrating.
  5. Ok - don't know what happened but it's working now. thanks.
  6. Hey thanks for the information and advice. My system is dedicated to flight sims; all three of them. But only one running at any particular time of course. Other services are in service of general windows functions and the flight sims, but of course there's tons of Windows services and bloat that's very difficult to sort out what is necessary and what is fluff. And although I am fairly tech savvy I'm not to the point where I can really investigate a potential windows memory issue. I was a coder in my prior life so I understand the concepts - but not capable or motivated to do much other than a system patch, configuration or fix as identified by the Eagle Dynamics community. Since I have not seen any other posts on this or any other forum regarding this, and you are the only person to respond, the problem is likely unique to my system, or very rare. I guess it could even be a hardware issue either with a controller or my PC. I would hope that ED itself would help me out with a debugging scheme like tracing or something - but they have not responded to this thread. I don't see another avenue to report an issue directly to their tech support staff, but if you know of one please let me know. Meanwhile this is happening so frequently that it's unusable - so off to other endeavors. Thanks for your ideas!
  7. I am running on Windows 10, Ryzen 7 3800x, 32 GB ram, RTX 2070 Super. I did not have this issue prior to updating to the new beta a few days ago, but this is happening very consistently now with the new Beta with multiple aircraft and missions. It happens after I go into Active Pause mode and stay there for a while - like when I'm reading up on what to do next. The image freezes, although I can pan with my TrackIR. Controls have no affect, no keyboard commands etc. When I look at Task Manager I see that it is consuming significant CPU on several of threads, and the GPU is maxed out. I have to kill it with task manager. The log file is from one of those sessions where I killed it. However in looking at a number of these logs there is no consistency in the last few entries so not sure it will be helpful. I am surprised I have not seen this in the forum - but perhaps it's something unique to my setup. I have tested the previous version and it does not have the problem. I posted this in the A10C II forum first - before I realized it was a general DCS World problem. Not sure what the protocol is on this, but I hid the previous topic. I would have deleted it - but don't know how! dcs.log
  8. I am running on Windows 10, Ryzen 7 3800x, 32 GB ram, RTX 2070 Super. I'm flying the A10C II doing Weapons Practice in the Nevada Range. I did not have this issue prior to updating a few days ago, but this is happening very consistently now with the new Beta. It happens after I go into Active Pause mode and stay there for a while - like when I'm reading up on what to do next. The image freezes, although I can pan with my TrackIR. Controls have no affect, no keyboard commands etc. When I look at Task Manager I see that it is consuming CPU on a couple of threads, and the GPU is maxed out. I kill it with task manager. The log file is from one of those sessions where I killed it. Let me know if you need anything more. Edit: This is happening almost every time in Active Pause - with multiple aircraft. Hopefully fix coming soon..... I'll stop play and monitor for a fix - unplayable at this point. dcs.log
  9. With both the current and previous Open Betas I can assign an axis, but there is not set of controls at the bottom of the page for axis tuning, modifying, ff tune, clear etc like it shows in the manuals and tutorials. I know this used to be there. I notice that the window slide bars are very narrow - could it have something to do with the resolution of my monitor - or another setting?
  10. I think we're crossing our wires here. I'm using the IR sensor capability of the Maverick to lock on the target and fire. I'm not saying the TGP should be the same. What I am noticing is that the Mav IR sensor mode often does not reliably achieve a lock even under the best of circumstances. The TGP is more reliable in that regard, but the workload is heavier especially when working with multiple targets in a short period of time. But never mind - not germane to my issue. Anyway I think we've explored this about as far as it's going to go - thanks for your help with that Frederf!
  11. Cool! I was hoping that my Mustang EV wouldn't be faster than this aircraft.... Anyway - thanks to both of you. I have been using the older missions with heavy preset loadouts. They also do not have some of the updated weapons like the AGM-65L. I have only briefly looked at the Mission Planner as I figured that I would need to be able to do my own loadouts to practice with the laser Mavs etc. But I find it intimidating and with everything I'm assimilating with the targeting and weaponry it seems a steep hill to climb right now. But - as you mentioned I can get up there in an Instant Action mission and just jettison a bunch of stuff and see what happens with regards to performance. I haven't really had the need for speed as yet - but I was curious why I could never achieve anything close to the cruise speed specs. Edit: just jettisoned all weaponry - keeping the pods of course, and I gained 30 knots - max level flight speed is 270 kts at 8300 ft, temp unknown.
  12. Using the TGP sensors to find and acquire targets vs using the Maverick's sensor for the same. The MAV IR sensors can be ground stabilized - the TGP doesn't need that as you mentioned. My issue is with using the MAV IR sensors - TGP is fine. A10-C post on speed - my notifications didn't show any responses to that - must not have been following it properly. Thanks. Yes - as I mentioned previously I am studying all modes of targeting and weapon usage. I know how to use TGP and the Mav sensor and they do not behave the same on my system - which is the point of this post. It should - but it actually doesn't.
  13. Yeah - I change the slew rate to 9 so I can have a finer control over positioning. TGP is not an issue - it's the MAV sensor mode I'm having problems with. Anyway the crosshairs and gate are exactly on position but it won't get a lock much of the time. Frustrating. It's a TM Warthog HOTAS and it's only a year old so jittering etc is not an issue. I had that with a less expensive joystick and replaced it. That works in TGP mode - not MAV sensor. Guys this is off topic so I won't ask for answers here as I know it's frowned upon - but I also have an unanswered question regarding the limited speed of this aircraft. If you would search for that I would appreciate any thoughts.
  14. Thanks Yurgon. I'm in the process of reviewing/practicing all the targeting and weapons systems, so I'm trying to get to the point where, with a given targeting and weapon scheme, I can reliably perform the mission. The 'reliable' part of this, at least using the MAV sensor for targeting - not so much and it's been driving me crazy thinking that I'm doing something wrong. As you mentioned the TPG with Laser designation works more reliably, but it has more workflow and I'm trying to become proficient with all the different combinations, but the MAV sensor is unreliable. I can do almost exactly the same thing and get different results. Pretty picky. Oh well.... But now that I think about it with the 'new' TGP sensors there's probably no point in using the MAV sensor. I am using the ground stabilize feature - as you mention it's pretty difficult to get a lock without it, especially with moving targets. BTW what slew rate do you use on the MAV. I'm leaving it at 5 until I can get the sensor in the general area, then switching to 9 for fine tuning. Thanks for your help.
  15. On level flight I can never get above 250 kts and even that's a struggle. If I pitch up 10-15 on HSI speed rapidly drops to stall. Engines are at 95% RPM, oil pressure, temps all good. 10K lbs of fuel, flaps up, gear up. I'm spawning into the Nevada Weapon Practice mission, so don't have control over weight of weapons, but I don't think this is related anyway. Don't think it would put you into the air with a severely overweight aircraft. And I've lost a few pounds recently hoping to help the situation. I've had this issue for a long time, but busy fighting other fires and deep diving into various scenarios but now it's just annoying. Ideas? Thanks!
  16. I've seen this question on several threads - mostly older - and no clear resolution. So not sure if it's a bug or the dreaded 'user error'. So here we go.... I have a fresh spawn in Nevada weapons practice. All power is on for weaponry and targeting. MAV IR is active weapon according to HUD. and it's armed and ready. The MAV page is SOI. I have a Narrow view (China Hat short) I have slewed the MAV seeker crosshairs directly over target area I am well within range (the range doesn't matter no matter what it is) TMS Aft Short to Ground Stabilize Slew crosshair directly over target and release - no lock. Switch back and forth between black and white hot - no difference. Switch back and forth between narrow and wide view - no difference. Sometimes it works sometimes not - on the same mission. Because it works sometimes I do not believe it's user error unless there's some other configuration that increases or decreases the odds of a lock. Looking for ideas. I'm following Chucks A10C II Guide and the A10C II Manual.
  17. Wondering how you downloaded. Did it show up in your Module Manager? Mine is not even tho it says order completed and delivered.
  18. Just for troubleshooting purposes, according to instructions we should be able to download and install from the Module Manager, but the new product is not in my product list to do that. In the store it shows as paid and delivered, whatever that means.
  19. Never mind - I see this is in a customer support thread.
  20. Does ED look at these posts - or is there another thread to post tech support issues.
  21. Same issue here with the upgrade paid by miles. At the end of my purchase I got an error about some php code. Looks like their website has an issue.
  22. Thanks. I've set the sensitivity controls long ago and never had an issue until now. And the issue occurs even when the stick is no where near the center. And it's intermittent. So I'm thinking it's something flaky with the hardware that comes and goes. Yes looking forward to getting that second big hunk of metal also known as a throttle quadrant, German style. The BMW of HOTAS! I'll use them for weight lifting when I'm not flying. Can't believe that these sets are going for as much as $1000 USD on eBay. And most of the retailers have a huge number of backorders (like in the hundreds) with no delivery date. COVID has definitely made flight simulation a hot hobby.
  23. Hi Flappie - sorry I'm getting back to you so late, but busy with other things. I think I accidentally figured this out and it's very weird and I only came across it through luck. I recently decided to get the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog A-10C and the flight stick arrived and I've been playing around with it, waiting for the throttle to arrive before investing in the configuration process. Currently I am using a Saitek X52 stick and throttle. And I think that is the problem. When I unplug it and swap in the Warthog flight stick the shuddering/shaking goes away. In a way this makes sense because the two dimensional information screens in XP11 and DCS aircraft do not shake, rattle and rock and roll. And the joystick has no control over those screens positionally, whereas the joystick definitely affects the view and position of all world objects which is what's moving. Anyway, thanks for your interest and if I continue to have problems even with the new gear I'll be right back here complaining and feeling sorry for myself.
  24. I'm looking for some ideas for a major issue I'm having with flight sims - not just DCS - XP11 as well. I'm submitting to this forum because I know there's a lot of community experience here with gaming performance and problems in general and would appreciate some help. The issue is with what I would call continual shuddering/shaking of the game images.. It happens in certain games or game configurations, but not in others. It does not happen in any other Windows 10 environment/applications, and only happens with what I assume is 3-D rendering. So not with 2-D configuration screens etc. But it also happens when the simulators are paused - not actively creating new imagery. BTW this is not stuttering where frames drop or are frozen briefly. The problem comes and goes, although lately seems more frequent. In addition to XP11 It happens with DCS World A10C, but not with DCS A10A Flaming Cliffs. Weird. This just started a week or so ago and I had not made any system changes, hardware or software prior to that. So here is the description of my troubleshooting and attempts at problem isolation. Because it was working fine for months prior to this, and nothing has changed with software or hardware, it's not a configuration performance issue. 1) CPU and GPU temps are OK and issue does not vary with length of time system is on 2) I updated the NVIDIA drivers and reset all parameters to factory (3 monitor surround is config with default resolution). Sims see one large monitor. 3) Updated Windows 10 to latest 4) Turned off Windows 10 Game Mode 5) Reset CPU and Memory to default clocks (not OC in other words) 6) Experimented with graphics parameters in games but no change in issue. I did these in order and checked after each one to see if it helped. At one point the problem went away for a while, but then came back. Given these parameters I'm inclined to think that I don't have a software issue since it's with multiple games and I've updated the OS and drivers, and it just suddenly started happening. It's unlikely to be a CPU issue either I would think, but perhaps it is a GPU hardware problem since it seems to occur only with 3-D rendering. But I don't have any other issues like artifacts or ghosting with the GPU which would of course point more directly to the GPU. I don't have a spare graphics card to swap in/out to test this theory unfortunately. So - I would appreciate any ideas you might have about further troubleshooting, or personal experience with this problem and its resolution.
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