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  1. Last thing you mentioned Nodak, would be awesome, Especially since for campaigns based on Vietnam and my campaign especially woult benefit from it
  2. For our Pre DMAS aircraft, expect Juilet/Papa winders, Aim-7 Echo through foxtrot Sparrows , Shrikes , your standard Mark 80 series of Iron bombs and maybe early guided weaponry such as the Bullpup( Easy to carry the code from the RB05 from the HB viggen) and BOLT-117 (M-117 laser guided bombs) with the potential of Pave Knife , Pave Spike , and other weaponry i probably missed. DMAS, see Vampyre post above, tho id imagine HB would add Mavericks to this jet and leave the pre DMAS aircraft to model a Vietnam era bird . Also a couple of things I missed but definately comming to our Phantom , the TISEO (similar but not the same as the TCS in the F-14) and the most important change to the phantom, AGILE EAGLE (Caps locked it as most reports ive seen refer to it in all caps) Left is pre agile, Right is Post Final remarks is to not expect the AIM-7M or late Aim-9s past L as those were earmarked for Fighter intercept squadrons and F-16 squadrons Thanks FangsOut
  3. Yea, But it can make for some good campaigns, think like the Museum Relic campaign or underdog stories.
  4. Huh, that pretty cool as I didn't know that the F-4E had "smokeless engines" as I originally thought it was a navy phantom only "phing"
  5. Personally, a Fictional VF-111 would be pretty cool on a Long Nose Phantom as Shark mouths IMO look good on the Echo Phantoms
  6. Agreed, Lets leave it at that. While a Modern Phantom would be cool, I'd like to keep my expectations to a 70s and 80s phantom. Tho, a JDAM, AMRAAM and modernized phantom would be cool as an OPFOR aircraft, imagine a potential for a 2000s phantom vs a VIper, eagle or Hornet, and in the Future, a Typhoon .
  7. Also the First flight/ Birthday of the F-4C (27 May of 1963). So , happy birthday to the first Airforce phantom
  8. Yea and the AUP would make for an interesting campaigns, either merc after the HAF sells them , or a fictional Turkish vs Greek campaign
  9. If its popular enough and it will sell. The Mid-late cold war phantoms will most likely sell like hotcakes. The post 2000s may be a different story. Although if it is represented by our phantom module, I would place money on either Terminator ( Turkish Modern Phantom) , Greek F-4E AUP , or the Japanese ( and the most interesting one) F-4EJ Kai. The latter is more interesting as it could use Anti-shipping weapons and was only retired 2 years ago
  10. This^ HB is already going above and beyond by giving us 4 F-4s , all radically different in switchology , performance and employment. As well as focusing on when the Phantom was an actual threat and was king. TLDR, I agree with ManOWar sentiment and believe that making a 2000s phantom is not only making it harder to fit the many scenarios the Echo model could fill , it also is counter intuitive as if you want an AMRAAM carrier the F-16,F-15,and 18.
  11. great post, Makes me real excited to put the finishing touches on a campaign i've been working on the F-4.
  12. agreed, id love to see what you have in the future, its just that this feels like something I would download for free. especially sinsce there's better options for campaigns compared to this at the price point it is at, for instance, OPF is the same price but feels like it is worth every penny. Again, I'm not saying that you can't do great campaigns, I'm just saying that the product is not worth the price in this instance
  13. I take it you mean in a dogfight, as a 20mil or 30mil gun is very useful for anti infantry /light armor
  14. tbh that could be a "fictional" livery, imagine a F-4E in UK service as The FGR.4
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