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  1. I’m with you there brother. Haven’t flown 2D once since my G2 arrived 18 months ago
  2. I will fire my entire QA team immediately I can recreate 1, fair enough, easy fix. 2 is weird, not previously reported, and I can't recreate, so kudos there. The message and program termination is expected behaviour (my lazy coding) but that path should only be possible if you selected a folder not called 'Kneeboard". I can only assume a cosmic ray flipped a bit in your installation I have been meaning to revisit the app (just noticed it's hit 1000 downloads) as I've some ideas for enhancements - PDF import/management, kneeboard grouping, map specific kneeboard assignment/management etc but the weather's way too nice at the moment. Glad you got it working anyway. Try not to break anything else
  3. There's your problem, you should also see an entry like this.. Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App 5.0.7 [C:\PROGRAM FILES\DOTNET\shared\Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App] You only have the .NET 5.0 core runtime. You're missing the .NET 5.0 desktop runtime. Not sure how that would happen. Must relate to what you chose to install when prompted. Go to the official Microsoft .NET 5 download page : https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/5.0 Install the .NET Desktop Runtime from that page. (The x64 version if you have 64 bit windows, x86 if you have 32 bit windows) reboot and you should be good to go
  4. KB Quick is a Microsoft Visual Studio .NET application. As such it requires the Microsoft .NET framework installed on your machine in order to run. The message you're seeing is being generated by Microsoft rather than my app. Can I ask, which version of .NET did you select to be installed ? The app requires a minimum of .NET 5.0. I believe it will now recommend .NET 6.0 which is also fine. ..you can check to see which versions are installed by opening a Windows PowerShell and entering the command dotnet --list-runtimes <enter>
  5. ..talking about mini trackballs, got mine hot-glued to the top right of my stick. Not the prettiest solution but just a blob of hot glue gives a rock solid bond in seconds and doesn't leave a mark on the steel throttle when removed. It's a short reach from stick grip to trackball grip, thumb works the ball and scroll wheel, left/right buttons are finger triggers on the front top of the trackball device . Works really well for me in VR.
  6. Maybe not. I had a Logitech MX Air Mouse back around 2008 (before they inexplicably discontinued it). It worked great anywhere in mid air and was really accurate so you'd hope this would be using similar gyroscopic/accelerometer technology rather than surface tracking. These seem to have been around since 2015 though, so quite surprised this is the first we've seen of it here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2C-43bKjnUI Looking forward to the review
  7. Strange one. Well for some reason, DCS doesn't seem to like the audio transmission file that RadioKAOS generated from your selection. I can't explain why as the file itself plays fine in any media player. To make the mission work and play the transmission, all I did was to use RadioKAOS to update your mission with an audio transmission I got it to generate from one of my own tracks. Please give this a try to confirm it works for you tooShauns KAOS test map_KAOS.miz Shauns KAOS test map_KAOS.miz
  8. Hi, Sorry you're having problems. I probably won't get a chance to look at this till next week I'm afraid. In the meantime, AM radio transmissions in DCS can be impacted by terrain as in reality (and I don't believe DCS allows for any ionospheric refraction). Can you check that your aircraft has a clear line of sight to the radio transmitter (which the app places near the centre of the terrain map - the transmission eminates from the centre of the KAOSzone at ground/sea level). No mountains/hills in the way ? If that's not it, please make a new simple KAOS mission with a single, small transmission file, them PM me the .miz file. Are you on the latest open beta ? I haven't had the chance to check it with recent updates so hoping they haven't affected it.
  9. from the Update README.md in the OpenComposite Gitlab..
  10. Have you tried using OXRTK's NIS upscaling instead of FSR ?
  11. ..and I'll confirm it again. I previously struggled to crane my old neck over far enough to get a sharp focus on the rear side cosole dials in the hornet. I either had to adjust my seated position or use a hand to move the headset over and down a little on my face. At 150% SS however, I can focus on them without intervention.
  12. I'm late to the party here because I really couldn't see how this could improve on what I considered was excellent visual quality and performance with my 5900X/3090 config. Couldn't have been more wrong. With OXR 100%, OXRTK NIS 60% sharpening (no upscaling), MR on and unlocked, my regular high DCS settings, MSAAx2, no shader mods and now flat terrain shadows too (!!!) the performance is pretty similar, but visually there's just a massive improvement in clarity and with much less aliasing. Then I turned OXR to 150% and ditched MSAA. Wow. visual quality is astonishing and my previously small G2 sweet spot is significantly bigger. My 3-9 line with MR is solid at 45FPS in almost all scenarios. I've turned civilian traffic to high because it's clarity at range is a real immersion enhancement. I was still getting micro stutters on the 3-9 low over cities and Guam, presumably flipping between 45 and 30 fps so I tried fixing MR at 30 FPS in OXRTK. Now it's smooth as a baby's bottom everywhere and I honestly can't tell the difference between locked 30 and 45. Only exception is fast aircraft flybys which ghost as I suppose you'd expect at 30 fps. Really thought I'd still miss FHolgar's CAS Colour Reshade sharpener, but even that is blown away at these settings. Only thing I do miss is Necksafer, but I note Nobiwan has already started discussions with mbucchia in his Discord so may be on the horizon. Massive thank you to @nikoel and @edmuss for the excellent guides.
  13. Before I built my VR Pit I clean fell out of my office chair and ended up on the floor doing exactly that
  14. Glad it's working for you now. However, I don't see how the size of the trigger zone could have caused the problem. The population of the F10 commands is not related to a zone, they just trigger on mission start. The KAOSZone is only required to define the origin of the radio transmission. So that's a strange one. I suspect that just the act of updating the mission in the ME, which effectively rebuilds the mission file, has somehow resolved the issue. Let me know if you have any more problems.
  15. Can you PM me the mission, .miz file and I'll take a look It works fine in MP for me
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