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  1. If you go into your install folder. "DCS World/Mods/Aircraft/AH-64D/input/ AH-64D_PTL/joystick. and add these lines of code in the default.lua file you will have the option to assinge your NVS mode switches to the 3 position switch . This code is entered in line 502 to 508 (i use notepad++ for editing) { down = electric_commands.NVS_MODE_KNOB_EXT, up = electric_commands.NVS_MODE_KNOB_EXT, cockpit_device_id = devices.ELEC_INTERFACE, value_down = -1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('PLT NVS MODE Switch - OFF/NORM'), category = {_('Left Console'), _('NVS Mode Panel')}}, { down = electric_commands.NVS_MODE_KNOB_EXT, up = electric_commands.NVS_MODE_KNOB_EXT, cockpit_device_id = devices.ELEC_INTERFACE, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('PLT NVS MODE Switch - FIXED/NORM'), category = {_('Left Console'), _('NVS Mode Panel')}},
  2. Sadly. Not everyone has the time to read all of the manual or to remember everything in the manual. On top of that he may have read the manual and didn’t quite understand what it was saying or pointing to. I have not read that section of the manual yet. But I do know if the system is turned on and there are no RWR contacts then the box is not displayed. What may add to the confusion why the box appears and disappears when the system is on. Perhaps sir Rongor, you will ask a question and some one happens to find your answer in the manual and they can give you the same response.
  3. That’s cool for VR. I wonder if that same thing can be done for the 2d users also. Jesse
  4. Weapons? If you don’t load any weapons on my pylon the only option you get are guns
  5. I can help you edit the LUA files in order to make it into a toggle switch. May have to fiddle with the order for the code to get what you want to open/close at the correct operations These files will be located in your game install drive (DCS World open beta/mods/aircraft/ah-64d/input/AH-64D_PLT or CPT/joystick. ) Add his command line in between line 70 and 71, If the commands are backards from what you want. All you should need to do is swap the UP and Down values Just copy and past as it is written down. This will add a new controller bind in the game nammed "open close toggle" { down = hotas_commands.CYCLIC_TRIGGER_GUARD, up = hotas_commands.CYCLIC_TRIGGER_GUARD, cockpit_device_id = devices.HOTAS_INPUT, value_down = 0.0, value_up 1.0, name = _('Weapons Trigger Guard - OPEN/CLOSE Toggle'), category = {_('Cyclic Stick'), _('HOCAS')}},
  6. Only time i had Pylon Aux tanks not work was when i had the outboard pylons loaded with wing tanks. And then had the inboard pylons loaded with Hellfire. I believe this is my error, as i remember reading some where that the fuel is fed from the OB pylon tank to the I/B pylon tank. and from that tank it is fed into the Main tanks. I believe this i my wrong doing, because it had no inboard Aux tanks to feed fuel into, thus interrupting the chain. When i had the pylon Aux tanks on the inboard pylons, everything worked fine. Thanks
  7. This is one of the known issues of the Apache put in the patch notes “Rotor damage shake effect continues after the rotor has stopped”
  8. when you open the game at the top left corner will be a button that looks like a checker board. and there should be a red icon in the bottom left. Called the modual manager. that will have all the airplanes that you have bought so you can install them into dcs
  9. I have never had any issues using harms or any other weapons after using the SJ system. I have seen other people have issues using SJ by not leaving the SJ page by clicking the SJ button in the bottom right of the mfd screen to take them back into the invintoey page. In that case they where still stuck in the S JETT page and didn’t know.
  10. Wags said in a YouTube comment that rocket employment will me latter this week.
  11. When on the HAD page for the harm. Pushing TMS Left, inside the DED display will show a Lat/Long and Altitude of the radar position based on the PMG level is. Is there away to transfer the information from the DED box into a mark and/or steerpoint? This would seem like really useful item indead of memorising the Info in the DED and then manually putting it into a steerpoint. Thanks Jesse.
  12. So now, the most aligned the aircraft can get is 10, instead of the 6? When did this happen to change, i don't remember seeing any of this in the release notes. Is this how the aircraft is suppose to work? Or is this a case of a bug being introduced into the aircraft and not being caught? Thanks
  13. Check the power switch for the AGM-88, sometimes after rearming the power switch is defaulted to off position.
  14. I have been trying to use the normal INS alignment and can not get past the 10. So far i have been sitting here for 12 minutes. I have fallowed Wags instruction from one year ago and the steps stated in Chucks guide. Move switch to the Norm position. And selected the Lat and Long positions and selected enter key before the two minute mark. Any idea what my issue may be that i am doing wrong? Thanks Jesse.
  15. I had good Success of braking a lock multiple times from a mig-25. Even after the Mig launched a missile it broke lock from the aircraft. perhaps more tests need to happen with airborne radars
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