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  1. Update: nome = {} -- nome das bases incluso FARP idNome = {} -- ID das bases incluso FARP local baseaerea = world.getAirbases() -- todas as bases incluso FARP for a, b in pairs(baseaerea) do if b:getCategory() == 4 then idNome[#idNome+1] = tostring(b:getID()) nome[#nome+1] = b:getName() end end function atrasar(i) -- atrasa início de funções -- i[1] = nome da função -- i[2] = tabela de valores da função -- i[3] = tempo de delay timer.scheduleFunction(i[1], i[2], timer.getTime() + i[3]) end function CheckBase(Check, time) -- Pista danificada -- Check[1] = Nome da base aérea -- Check[2] = Flag if trigger.misc.getUserFlag(Check[2]) == 11 then return nil else local base = Airbase.getByName(Check[1]):getLife() -- Verifica a vida da base local function arredondar(x, n) n = math.pow(10, n or 0) x = x * n if x >= 0 then x = math.floor(x + 0.5) else x = math.ceil(x - 0.5) end return x / n end if base < 3600 and base >= 1 then local num = base/3600 local numfinal = (1 - arredondar(num, 1))*10 if numfinal == 10 then trigger.action.setUserFlag(Check[2], numfinal) return nil else trigger.action.setUserFlag(Check[2], numfinal) return time + 25 end else return nil end end end function morte(morto) trigger.action.setUserFlag(morto, 11) end local Event_Handler = {} function Event_Handler:onEvent(Event) if Event.id == 1 then -- Shot local WeaponShoot = Event.weapon:getDesc() local categoria = WeaponShoot.category if categoria == 1 then local mcategoria = WeaponShoot.missileCategory if mcategoria ~= 1 and mcategoria ~= 2 and mcategoria ~= 4 and mcategoria ~= 6 then for c, d in pairs(nome) do local detalhes = {} detalhes = { nome[c], idNome[c] } atrasar({CheckBase, detalhes, 1200}) end end elseif categoria ~= 0 and categoria ~= 4 then for c, d in pairs(nome) do local detalhes = {} detalhes = { nome[c], idNome[c] } atrasar({CheckBase, detalhes, 30}) end end elseif Event.id == 8 and Event.initiator ~= nil then -- dead local InitiatorObject = Event.initiator local InitiatorName = InitiatorObject:getName() local InitiatorCategory = InitiatorObject:getCategory() if InitiatorCategory == 4 then for e, f in pairs(nome) do if f == pista then local identidade = "" identidade = idNome[e] atrasar({morte, identidade, 30}) end end end end end world.addEventHandler(Event_Handler)
  2. Hi @Grimes, Thanks for the answer, but unfortunately jettisoning fuel tanks is not part of the shot event, I’ve tried it. I call getFuel(), but if it is bellow 1.0 it does not necessary means that the plane have jettisoned the fuel tanks. I’m trying to find another way. Thanks anyway.
  3. Hi, With the function “getAmmo” I have the live ammo of a plane. On the “env.mission” table I can find that a plane started with fuel tanks or not. Is there any function that shows if the plane still have the fuel tanks? Thanks for the help
  4. Hi, Hope everybody is OK! I know it is an old topic and it's not priority, but any news? Tks
  5. Hi @Flappie, Nope, this is not what I want. I just want to save my personnal preferences. Tks for the help
  6. Hi @Flappie, Tks for your answer, but that’s not exactly what I was looking for. I was looking a way to save the data field on the nav page. I tried to save on the aux as you indicated but it didn’t work.
  7. After the Mig-31 fires turn off the jammer, the R-33 goes after the jammer
  8. Hi @Lvergara, Sorry for the delay to answer you. Your solution worked for me! Thank you!!! @Flappie, could you check this, please!!!! Tks
  9. Yeap! Tried and same error. Tks
  10. Hi Flappie, The issue didn't fix for me... Tks for the help!
  11. Hi guys, Any news about this problem? Tks
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