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  1. with the sst software you can make that pinky switch do what you want .. I use it as modifier as well but from within sst
  2. why won't you use the sst software ? I use it and the modes buttons are not always sending , those that are always sending are the rotary ones ...
  3. hi all trying to get flying again in dcs world 1.2.2 with my outdated tracIR 2 , latest TrackIRFixer1.4.0.25 says wrong version or wrong encryption . I used to just replace the newinput.dll for a "fixed" one , and voila tir 2 working . can anyone who successfully ran TrackIRFixer send me the fixed newinput.dll ? pm me please for my email address thanks in advance . p.s. also tried latest freetrack , the program will not start in win 7 for me .
  4. thanks , on my end everytime I try the border settings by adding the extra width to options.lua I get a crash.. not sure what I'm doing wrong here . was the same in BS . did you also do the snapviews.lua and server.lua thing ? I still wonder if it's the right way to go . I wish ED gave us a detailed lua guide . thanks
  5. for FC2 softh set up look at my new guide here ; http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=51648 hope this helps
  6. hi Formski , thanks for posting , what I meant is that usually , when using the BorderSize setting I have had to tell any game my new added resolution size , like if I'm running 3840x1024 , and add 300 border size , the new resolution will be 4440x1024 and I have to manually input it somewhere like options.lua . this way of doing borders posted by Helmo at post # 5 borderSize=63 sideExtraWidth=-63 is new to me and I was surprised by it working at all . That's why I asked kegetys to post his own softh.cfg , I do hope he comes back in here . :helpsmilie: about the fishbowl effect (i.e. sides being stretched) , some game engines is worse than others for it . but you can see by these pictures that it is not the case here with FC2 since using softh alone without the fovfix rendered these "normal" scenes as illustrated by these screenshots; now these are with the fovfix , combined to softh.cfg now it very well may be that I'm doing something wrong , but Kegetys' posted pictures on SimHQ are only looking forward so , no way to tell for sure if he's experiencing the same stretching when looking to the sides . it does look like it would be stretched though . hope that clears it up and how did you manage your bordersize settings ? through options.lua ? please share your config . thanks
  7. here's some feedback on that fovfix Kegetys . the good ; 1-it did fix the freezes when zooming issue . 2-contrails are visable even fully zoomed out . the bad ; 1-lots of stretching of the side monitors even if looking just a little bit to the sides . stretching increases exponentially the more you zoom out . see picture attached . 2-externals looks wrong , I see a stretched out plane from the front , and a bunched up image when viewed from the side . 3- map view is distorted , planes change positions on map many Kms (100s) according to zoom level . I'd really like to see your softh.cfg Kegetys , and what do you do about borders ? is adding it this way the right way to go ? borderSize=63 sideExtraWidth=-63 Is there a way to get the wonderfull zoom fix and not the distorted view ? of course I may be doing something wrong . I wouldn't be surprised ;) . but I did revert all my previous changes from my 1 st post and went with yours as explained in the fov fix read me . as you can see from my previously attached screens , it was better before . except for the zoom freezes (and crashes because of it). thanks a whole lot for all your work Kegetys , it made almost all my gaming experiences 1000 times better . G3 and Helmo , thanks for sharing . keep us updated .
  8. Thanks for posting in here kegetys , I'm a big fan . :thumbup:
  9. I forgot to mention my FPS Helmo , I get 60 to 80 at mission start in the 33. it gets lower to 35/45 when things happen.
  10. thanks bud , I'm well aware of that . this test was to illustrate the weird gains obtained with civ.traffic on .
  11. yes hyperthreading is on . didn't test it with FC2 yet, but with BS I was getting better fps with Hyperthreading off before we got DCS Max . anybody else getting better fps with civ. traffic on ?
  12. hi Helmo , thanks for the borders settings, I'll try it tonight. for your FPS issues , I think it's because you are on XP . I get better performance in every game but the DCS ones on XP . are you on 64 bits ? how did you enable CUDA ? can't get it to work on any OS . a weird setting that gave me a 24% boost is turning civ. traffic to ON. maybe you can do a dual boot install . good luck and I'll let you know tonight if the borders worked . hey , you added the extra width in options.lua right ? I'm having a freeze problem when zooming , how is that working for you ?
  13. Thanks bro , now I got to relearn to fly :smartass: :pilotfly:
  14. Granted I'm running 3 monitors with softh so your results may vary . Please chime in with your own results . 1-everything to high except civ traffic OFF , 3840 x 1024 water high FPS 21 2-water to normal FPS 41 3-Weird result #1 civ. traffic on FPS 51 that's a 24% increase !! 4- Mirrors OFF FPS 61 more weird results are that overclocking the Corei7 CPU had a negative impact FPS 51 , back to stock CPU speed and overclocking the 2 video cards weilded the same negative results FPS 54 . My best result , I won't turn anything else OFF :D from 21 to 61 FPS was achieved with; water normal mirrors OFF civ traffic ON hope that helps , very curious to see if going to civ. traffic ON works for you guys as well .
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