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  1. How does the TPOD know exact Elevation of Terrain and Slant Range to the Object? I thought to myself that it maybe uses AG Ranging, but i turned it off before trying. Also it cant be Laser Ranging, because its in excess of 40nm...
  2. Hi! Im currently learning the AV8B and im playing with the TPOD, my Question is, what exactly does LTIP do? The Forum search had no results so im creating a new Topic here. Ive googled it and ive found something with "Laser Target Image Processing" but did not understand anything. Thanks
  3. yeah i like the av8b idle change nice work
  4. Can agree on the CEP Part, GBU 38 and GBU 31 JDAMS are way off in the F/A-18C too
  5. This needs to be fixed, ruined a Multiplayer Session for us :(
  6. Try playing more vertical as your aircraft has more thrust, force him into 1 circle fights as he will have a advantage in 2 circles, try diving and regaining speed to turn hard and kill him but watch out not to fight too low against him
  7. Did you set up the right elevation of the target while creating a Waypoint?
  8. Damn bro you made my heart skip, thought this was an announcement Edit: btw this is the f/a 18 sub forum Gesendet von meinem Mi A2 Lite mit Tapatalk
  9. The hornet uses AGR not RAlt for ccip Gesendet von meinem Mi A2 Lite mit Tapatalk
  10. Is there a way to check if AI has completed their given Task? As example i give a Bomber the task to Strike a Runway at Waypoint 5 and i want it to activate a trigger if he has completed his strike successfully. Gesendet von meinem Mi A2 Lite mit Tapatalk
  11. That would be 80X. So i just tried it out with a VOR/DME station, ADF tuning into 114.60 mhz, working great, TACAN tuning into 93X and its not working, its just circling in the HSI searching for a signal i guess. What am i doing wrong here? Gesendet von meinem Mi A2 Lite mit Tapatalk
  12. But how do i tune in into the DME with Tacan? I mean it uses a Frequency (like 116.65 mhz) and not a Channel (like 84Y)
  13. So i looked up the natops flight manual of the f/a 18 and it says the OA-8697/ARD ADF is a VHF/UHF direction finder operating from 100 to 400 MHz
  14. Okay, thanks for the extra infos Gesendet von meinem Mi A2 Lite mit Tapatalk
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