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  1. Slowly working on setting up the F-22 commands and I've run into a problem. On the PMFD, the OSB19 and OSB20 commands don't seem to work. They're used for altitude adjustment of the radar. The opposite side OSB6 and OSB7 for range map and work just fine. Any suggestions? Or just a bug?
  2. The Maverick works if you just wait till it's ready, then do uncage and sensor fwd or something like that. The screen comes up with IRMV selected the target locks but it won't shoot. You reset and do the same thing over again and it works that time. Even if the procedure wasn't right with the Maverick, what's with the Gun then? I'll come in for a strafe run, it'll shoot. I'll circle around without changing anything and the next run it won't shoot. It's just totally random!
  3. Can someone PLEASE tell me why things work only half the time in the Harrier? Mavericks will uncage lock on and fire then literally I do the SAME thing again and it doesn't work?? To make it work, I switch to the Nav hud and back to A/G and sometimes it works? They don't fire every time. The Gun is another one. I have it in the same A/G strafing mode, I go in, it works. I turn around, it won't fire. I make another pass and it works again. NO CHANGE in any setting! Why is everything in this plane so unreliable??
  4. No one has any help for this? I've tried multiple sample scripts, they either throw errors or don't log anything at all. I just want the basics on how to write to a file!
  5. I have this same error... any solution?
  6. Found my problem. Since I was running a dedicated server, you need to have the MAM installed on that server too even though it doesn't technically render it. Must have to load some configs about the planes used. Bombing also didn't work at all with these planes. Works great now.
  7. Does someone have a simple script that can be added to triggers to log something to a file? I'd like a way to keep track of what's happening without trying to watch it in the game.
  8. I've been trying to create missions where there are AI planes that bomb enemy targets to give the players abilities to do escort missions. However, I've been having no luck trying to get the AI to hit any target or sometimes even drop their bombs! I've tried Attack Target, Bomb, the WW2 Carpet bombing, various different bombs and types. Probably almost every combination. 75% of the time, they'll actually drop the bomb (if I pick the right combination of target, bomb type, etc) but in the at least 40+ attempts, none of them have actually HIT the target I put the triangle on. In one specific case, I'm trying to use the B-2 bomber from the Military Aircraft mod and no matter what I do, it won't bomb at all. It just gets to the waypoint and turns around. How do I make AI bombing more accurate or what are the tricks?
  9. I'm having a problem with the aircraft from this mod in my mission I'm building. It seems they have their position too low where all of their wheels are lower than the runway surface. This makes them look odd when taxi'ing around. Any ideas?
  10. Everyone knows, the A-10 is severely under powered and it's been stated that it likely isn't even accurate to the real life model. That being said, is there even any game hacks that can be done to change the power? When I fully load out my A-10 I can barely get off the ground and keep the thing in the air.
  11. So I've seen this annoying thing for a while now. Not sure if it's a bug or something I'm doing wrong. I'll see a target, lets say at 70m out and I'm in the 80m range on my FCR. I lock the target. Instantly the FCR changes range down to 40m, which breaks the target lock. I then have to re-scale it back to 80m, re-acquire the target and it is fine. What is causing the range to auto-scale to something that the target isn't even at??
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