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  1. @hannibalafter print right grip i only can say you done an awesome job. Just need a little bit of sand paper and wire a lot of things. Various questions: Did you think in any brand/model of three position switches? there is a holes to attach it but seems for a specific model. The same with 4 way switches. Or dou you just draw the holes and it's our part to solve how put a switch there? It could be comprensible. At last, like other memeber asked before, there is the possibility to get the LHG stl? or do you planed just to mirror RHG?
  2. @nachomaga What would be the values for the .lua to get that thinner lines? i always feel the same: objects hide behind thin lines.
  3. Hey pals, It's possible to define all those mark points for the AH-64D in the mission editor while you're buliding the route? Like if you put a DTC cartridge and have it preload in the TSD. There are a abreviation list to use in ME?
  4. As I said… my fault: the trigger guard! THX!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I'm sure is my fault, but I can't fire anything when I'm playing as a pilot and using "Jordi/George" as a CPG. My visor shows sight is GHS and I think that's the issue. Navigating throught the MFD WEAPONS page I havn't the option to change this in ADQ parameter. I Only get GHS, SKR, and TADS. No PHS. Maybe is wich station push SAFE/ARM weapons button first? What would be the steps to fire canon or rockets being pilot with HMD reticle while AI acts as CPG? Thank in advance! PD: ED Team... I dreamed to fly Apaches since child... you made my life a little bit happier!
  6. It's not about real simulation, it's about game inmersion. You can do it in other modules, why couldn't be an option. We can choose if we want transparent or smoked canopy, then the same. Just to feel the pleasure to toogle a switch that do something.
  7. Im agree. I would like to switch on every needed step at prestart. It's a sim, and the closest way to feel like a real pilots. If we just push start J2 and get all cockpit on, will feel like an airbus pilot: -Before start checklist. -Power on -Before takeoff checklist complete... Real C&D cabin would be nice as an options.
  8. Runway arrestor system could be very very fun to play missions with severe damage!!! @BIGNEWYtake note of that!!!
  9. Hi folks, Anyone knows if the F16 emergency arrestor hook is operable? I tried to use it to build a mission around "critical fails" but y couldn't get it down after toglle the switch tens of times. It's modeled or not yet?
  10. We will try to repeat the same game but with all airplanes full start from load. And then we will chech if fail occurs during start-up procedures.
  11. As the original post said form @WarHog1071 it only happens in multiplayer environment and affects all players. Seems then isn't the airplane module but the general environment. We will see next weeks of it goes. Meanwhile, DCS in multiplayer its in troubble.
  12. User error in all team planes (A10, F18, JF17)?? In two different games after check all mission setup?? UHF radios in A10 completely gone (shutoff) but VHF still operative? Never happened before last update and we didn't change nothing. I tried rearm fuses, CICU, reseting systems, nothing changed after fails. When on A10 got one fail, few seconds later the second A10 got the same fail. Game looks broke.
  13. Same fails in stable. adding TGP fail, CDU fail, and all your list. Other planes of friend in the multiplayer mission had Datalink fails, couldn't fire weapons, etc... Something seems broke.
  14. There's only one AI dude possible, if isn't I won't buy the module:
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