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  1. I guess *bump* this thread. I've got one of the Command Center objects in a mission and have pounded it with the 2000 lb JDAM penetrator from the Viper multiple times, and no effect. Including playing with the fuse delay. The static Command Center doesn't even seem to have a hit point track when you view it in the F10 map.
  2. Not sure if this is correct or not, but the L-ENG/R-ENG/APU fire buttons on the fire detection panel do not latch when I use a keybind for a depress, but they do latch when I left click with mouse.
  3. Launch bar one works great, sadly the switch panel I'm using is configured as up = off down = on While the launch bar switch seems to work in the on = down/extended, the hook is reversed switch on = up/retracted I'd love to have both options for all three, on = up else down/extended and on = down else up/retracted to accommodate peripherals that are wired either way. Heatblur offers bindings of both varieties on the tomcat.
  4. I too would like to see a Gear down/Else up and Hook down/Else up option like Heatblur has for the Tomcat on all modules..
  5. No worries, mang. If you, or anyone else, have any insight about why the target box on the HUD would appear depressed from the TGP line of sight, I’d appreciate it.
  6. As an aside, while setting the mission QNH to standard aligns the steerpoint altitudes, the target box still appears significantly depressed compared to the TGP line of sight. is that something else?
  7. Rock on, thanks mang. I can try to get you a track if you need it, but I’m working for a few more hours
  8. Can’t you already achieve that by setting a button up as a Modifier in the DCS controls menu?
  9. Methinks it’s a function of the keybinds tables being imported from the earlier A10C. The knee board/mirror toggle/HMCS power switch etc. keybinds aren’t built into the table yet. Hopefully they will overhaul it at some point x.x
  10. Ah, Ok, I get you. Tried it with the mission pressure set to the standard, and yee, the steerpoint/TGP symbology now aligns with the ground elevation. I imagine this is a bug, or known issue then? Shouldn't dialing in the QFE/going through the alignment process account for that?
  11. yeah, Correct altitude to flight plan, and altimeter set to the QFE from the mission; in this case, 29.53. I input the runway threshhold coordinates and correct elevation for the south end of Krymsk, for example, and the steerpoint mark is on point in lat-long, but apparently several hundred feet below ground level, and adjusting altimeter setting or even trying to change the elevation on the steerpoint doesn't seem to fix it. -and I don't have this issue with the F-18 or A-10C
  12. Having jumped back into the viper in the last week, I've noticed that my steerpoint diamonds and TGP box on the HUD seem to be displayed at an apparent altitude several hundred feet lower than set (i.e. set steerpoint at coordinates for the runway threshold, and lat/long position appears correct, but diamond seems to be indicating a spot underground.) Is this related to the SPI issue or, am I just doing it wrong, somehow?
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