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  1. My brother in christ only 7% of people want it according to the poll, these sentiments are nothing but the mad ramblings of someone who doesn't like being told "no".
  2. Switching DCS to a subscription based game is a stupid idea and you should feel stupid. If you want to see DCS dry up overnight, make people pay for the audacity to play the game they've already purchased through modules.
  3. EnvyC


    I'm currently on that Fulcrum redemption arc type beat.
  4. Oh I agree with the 1.6 thing, seems weird.
  5. The alt limit for the switch back to the first supercharger gear is *lower* in descent than it is during ascent, it was a design choice by BMW to make sure pilots had maximum available ata during an emergency dive. Greg speaks about it in one of his BMW801 videos.
  6. Hi. I haven't seen it mentioned and the search function sucks, can I just ask where exactly did the FM come from? Official docs?
  7. Theres many reasons not to recommend DCS WW2 to anyone (many reasons to do the opposite in fact too), however this isn't one of them. While the WW2 bullet is too slow in comparison to real life counterpart it does harmonise with the K14 far better than the F86s. https://gfycat.com/quarterlyshamefulirishdraughthorse https://gfycat.com/impartiallonecirriped https://gfycat.com/biodegradablerespectfulasianporcupine gifs courtesy of Shallot, not my content Mate you're doing your best and we're all appreciative of your efforts.
  8. On a serious note, the Hornet has big X-wing energy. Not "traditionally" beautiful but there is beauty in the rugged industrial look of the thing that makes me weak at the knees.
  9. What am I even reading. Nothing here makes me want the Phantom less, never mind the completely subjective nature of the topic.
  10. No, it doesn't. Read the doc.
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