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  1. Jeez, no rainbows? I thought this was supposed to be a SIM! :music_whistling:
  2. I think it already has been implemented to an extent in DCS World. I really liked the lighting in that video. The slight purplish hue of the sun through the clouds was fantastic. Can't wait to replay some of the Black Shark missions with that lighting.
  3. Yup. Twitch can be really funny with the smoothness of streams sometimes. The last couple of things I've streamed have been fine on my PC, fine on the recording in OBS, but the recorded video and streamed video on Twitch were pretty poor.
  4. Twitch does have quality options, but you have to be a partnered streamer. Wags doesn't appear to be. The partnership requirements are quite vague, but it's along the lines of a regular stream with over 500 viewers on average. Also, you have to apply for it. They won't contact you AFAIK.
  5. It's not possible to have an option for that in Twitch unless you're partnered.
  6. I doubt much will be done, as it's ostensibly a limit of monitor resolution.
  7. Very nice indeed. The main improvement I've noticed is the way that light plays across various surfaces, from the cars to the parked aircraft to the roofs of buildings. They all glisten/reflect a little more, and it makes them look more like their real life counterparts.
  8. erm... That's either 500%, or you'd get 80FPS in DX11 Sorry for being pedantic.
  9. I just did that earlier this month (and I was on my last activation for BS1)
  10. Thanks. How many times must I have read that post and either missed or forgotten that post?
  11. Do you have a link to that, Diveplane? Looks like it might be one I missed.
  12. awww man! Gonna have to give ED my money again :)
  13. "better graphical effects" could either include or not include contrails and missile smoke. I hope it does, but won'd be sore either way.
  14. I'm not exclusive to DCS, but it will appear on my channel at some point. I'm actually trying to do this as well as possible and make a go of it if I'm lucky. http://www.twitch.tv/rusty_the_robot http://www.youtube.com/rustyrobotgaming https://www.facebook.com/rustyrobotgaming @rusty_the_robot
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