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  1. Hi. Could you specify a bit what you mean exactly? Which lines of code are too old for DCS and need to be changed to what kind of code? Sorry for the stupid question, but I'm not really the "lua-guy" Cheers, PeeJott.
  2. Our pleasure. We hope you enjoy the mods Anyways, new version is up and the grey square is gone (thanks to CDPKobra) in both the 105G and 105D. Cheers, PeeJott.
  3. Hi. We'll be looking into it and getting rid of this stupid square Hopefully we can release another patch soon... Cheers, PeeJott.
  4. Hi guys. I just fixed the problem of DCS crashing because of the 105 (hopefully and for a longer time). There was a small bug in the weapons.lua which DCS only registered after the patch...seem DCS gets more and more picky with every patch. I'll try to attach the weapons.lua which works.... Just copy it into the weapons-folder in your F-105 directory and everything should work again. Cheers, PeeJott. Weapons.lua
  5. F-20 Tigershark would be just great. Sadly, there is no good 3d-model around...the ones that are available are...well...ääähhh...yes
  6. Hi @Surrexen We are just enjoying your Sea-Slug-Mission which is a blast. The one thing we are experiencing is, that destroyed units spawn new. Is it supposed to be that way or is something strange happening? My guys reported that red units on the north-shore of guam spawn new... Thanks for your help and once again, great missions
  7. Hi. That's pretty cool. When I want to change AI-Flights to other aircrafts (cold-war timeframe) and want to add in e.g. The F-104G mod as clients do I have to take special care of something? The same regarding ground-forces? Sorry for The questions, but before I break anything I guess it is better to ask Cheers, Paul.
  8. Hi @Mith86Arg Are you still around? I would have a few questions regarding your pretty cool missions
  9. @deadlyfishes Is it possible to use TTI in a dedicated Server and would it be o.k.? I'm only reading Singleplayer here always and if MP is The thing, one should visit the TTI-Servers. Regarding my question above, I would like to Run a modern Version of it on our squadron-server and an edited Cold-war Version on another Server. What do I have to do to make that happen? Cheers, PeeJott.
  10. Wow, this looks awesome. Any Chance to get a Cold-war (1960 - 1975) scenario with approptiate planes and weapons. I would love such a scenario and it would be great if it were possible to Run it on a Server. If both were Kind of doable, that would be awesome (I would need to edit The A4, F-104 and a few other cold war jets in and hope that this might be doable as well...) Cheers, PeeJott.
  11. @maddogmcewan This sounds like an awesome project. Perfect theatre for Mirage-III based Chetahs and Mig-21 i guess. I'm really curious how you want to realize it in DCS and may be your gethered info could help in developing a Mirage-III mod?
  12. @Surrexen A very quick question. A few buddies would like to have a few F-18s and F-14s more in Incirlic and some A10CII in Ramat David. When I set those in the ME what do I have to edit where? Was just "browsing" through those scripts and did not really find anything on a glance... Cheers, PeeJott
  13. Guys, I yesterday flew two missions on a test-build of Liberation where The F-104 mod was implemented. Had a blast on low-level attacking ground targets and dogfighting mig-21s...just pretty cool. I hope The 104 gets implented permanently. Big thanks to @MetalStormGhost for doing The extraction/Implementation work. By The way, liberation is truly great right now...some time ago I used some early 2.something builds, but now it is way better cheers, PeeJott.
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