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  1. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/openbeta/ MP. Added mission editor password options for roles and client aircraft slots. Password protected slots will be hidden in the role select screen unless the correct password is entered.
  2. Unofficial CW Discord : https://discord.gg/xSbnr5Py
  3. Mission Behind Enemy Lines is bugged rn, none of the Blue units spawned and Red EWR is not working. We're trying to rotate quickly It must be related to the ED servers update, hopefully it will run fine next rotation. If you see this in the next few minutes @Alpenwolfwe'd appreciate a mission rotation Also, the briefing says 2 different things about the rotation :
  4. I've been playing a few longer sessions and everything is working perfectly now, thanks @Flappie !
  5. Ok ! I reinstalled the Samsung Nvme driver (mine was already up to date) I also disabled Razer Cortex last night and didn't have any issues. I didn't play for very long though so not 100% sure it's the culprit. I'll try the rest of your suggestions and if everything runs smoothly I'll do some tests to pinpoint if Razer Cortex can be a culprit. Razer Synapse already being a problem I wouldn't be surprised.
  6. @Alpenwolf I didn't get to play a lot of Last Man Standing tonight (DCS decided to crash a lot this week) but it was a lot of fun. Tried a few rocket runs with F86, F5 and Viggen and got shredded by those WW2 AAA guys in all 3 tries (same in Mountain Peaks) I may be really bad but it was impossible to be in launch parameters without being sniped. If you don't intend to tone down their skill i'd gladly appreciate some advice ! The only bug I could find for Blue was the Gazelle M variant Hot3 missiles missing from both airfields. EDIT : this Hot3 missile thing must be dur to the new rotation glitch, we'll see on the next one
  7. Dude, tell you're kidding. Please. Going down that road litterally means taking out : - the Gazelle because of its UFO flight model - the mig21 because somehow AIM9 tracks better when its AB is off - the mi24 because Petrovitch is an all-seeing god and you need a nuke to kill the thing etc. I won't comment on ban policy or its fairness but as far as I understand it, it usually doesn't happen for an innocent first offence. If players take all aspect missiles just because some bug or a mission editor oversight allowed them at a warehouse, it's on everyone to play fair and not take them, same thing for everything else (Viggen speed included) All the usual players on this server know the rules (rear aspect missiles only,...) don't reverse the roles here.
  8. No joy I just had a crash on Marianna in MP again. Same symptoms (no CTD, DCS freezes). I redid a DxDiag (in case it's useful, I'm not sure) and the log file. I noticed the same lines as before: 2021-07-06 21:58:15.150 INFO DCS: Device plugged: \\?\SWD#DAFUPnPProvider#uuid:11490c80-0022-1000-ab77-0c89108ae7d6#{2a323d9d-edf1-430b-ab95-5860894493d4} But this time a new challenger appeared: 2021-07-06 21:58:16.825 INFO DCS: Device plugged: \\?\SWD#DAFUPnPProvider#uuid:0f7f4900-0004-1000-b1b5-0c89108ae7d6#{fdec7c7a-f51d-4f93-98de-31d05a3f059f} DxDiag2.txt dcs.log
  9. My DCS is installed on a Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus, which is a NVMe M.2. I'll try what you suggested with Synapse. I'm also using Razer Cortex to free a little bit of CPU and RAM usage, I'll try and disable it as well if that doesn't work. Many thanks, I'll keep you posted !
  10. Thanks for your fast answer DCS is installed on a NVME SSD drive (separate from windows installation) Here are the DxDiag and setupapi files DxDiag.txt setupapi.dev.log
  11. Hello, I sometimes get random crashes where DCS stops responding but doesn't CTD. I can still hear RWR and engine sounds but the image freezes and task manager shows "no response" from DCS so I have to force quit. I cannot find out what's causing it. DCS Openbeta Win10 i5 6600k rtx3070 32g ram Log file from latest crash dcs.log
  12. Wait, are you talking about the Better Trees mod from Taz1004 ? I thought the IC would fail with this mod installed. I'm gonna download this right now if it passes IC !
  13. Bought the Mig 19 a while ago and the ground crew => repair option doesn't work in multiplayer or singleplayer. Ground crew will acknowledge the repair command saying "copy" but nothing happens. I'm on open beta, no mods. repair test Mig19.trk
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