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  1. I think the mod is great just need some NEW cool STROBE lights !!
  2. Good info , and that's true, but the lock brake / I'm referring to is not 90 or angle is straight forward looking down. Thanks BIGNy will try send tracks will message, thanks lot
  3. I remember the Viper Locking targets looking down to the ground ( Look down shoot down capability) before the last update, that's not been possible currently, sometimes when you have a target lock and the target aspect change and you're end ( pointing ) tracking towards the ground you end up loosing the lock - lock brake. Does anyone have experience the same thing ? and a SME could clarify if that's the case, how it should be ? reading the 11-5 plane dash one, I've understood that is one of the Viper's radar capability, if that's the case can we have that corrected / re-integrated ?? If there's other info about the subject would be interesting. Extremely pleased with the Viper's updates and new capabilities so far BTW !! Well done ED
  5. Don’t know what happen last update , systems updates EXCELLENT keep coming , radar doesn’t lock a target pointing down anymore on a dogfight, roll rate is astonishing slow and the airplane is less manoeuvrable than before , hope that as fixed next one, the overturned hornets never loose energy and we struggle to climb away ! Waiting for the viper update ASAP
  6. Yes they r hope we can see the results soon, looking forward to it
  7. I’ve got some on off info that the F15E won’t be multi crew or a “jester” scenario but would b good to see that thought after this last 5 years of work in progress pics , so my personal choice is the mudhen , but would b also cool to the other ideas here
  8. Would that be cool to bring all assets and create an desert storm map, would anyone support that idea ?
  9. The answer is YES !
  10. Looking forward for a full module , would b really cool , think will b awesome, just hope doesn’t take too long
  11. very good update mproved city neighborhoods in Cyprus, Syria, Turkey, and Israel. Updated scenes: San Rafael Hotel, Luna Park in Aya Napa. Scenes of military facilities and UN bases have been finalized. Added heliports: Bank of Cyprus, Sky Gate Beirut, Sheraton Grand Adana Hotel. Added a flag to the Turkish hangars at Incirlik.
  12. looks more clear to me, great addition is that up and running ?
  13. is there any plans for a full fidelity mig 29 mod ? from ED ? would anyone else would support that ?
  14. very right , flight model update, and all the others absolutely needed 100 percent can't wait to see the 9 g unleashed btw FLIGHT MODEL just to be sure again
  15. back up running again all sorted
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