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  1. Fantastic Fleet, I setup a little engagement , Dido, Flower Class, Fletchers from the Pacific set v’s a German Z type and some S boats. The Z shot them all,out of the water, without the Allies returning fire ? The Dido seemed to shoot itself and the super Hero Flower got to close range and finally opened up. They look amazing though, How do I get Allies to fire (tried setting targets) is the German Z type a little bit too shooty ? It seemed to be blasting 4 round bursts at 4 separate targets at the same time ! thanks for the models though Edit, after testing, if the ships are in a group with LST or Samuel Chase as the lead then they don’t engage. individually they go for it. The German Z type is still engaging 4 separate targets at once, at one point it seemed like it was firing from extra turrets buried in the ship ?
  2. Where do I find the F4B ???
  3. Boom worked for me, hopefully some mods will be signed off as good to go but….. going to buried in Apache training for the foreseeable……. Amazing work DCS thanks for the Birthday Gift. Nick
  4. No mate, it’ll be on your C drive under users/saved games etc etc, you might have to create some folders, see the thread on installing mods
  5. nickmow


    Given this thread is 10 years old ! I suspect news is unlikely……..
  6. WOW!!! Amazing my absolute favourite
  7. Yes wow ! This could be one of the best user Mods ever !
  8. It’s a mod, get it and open the box that says editor in DCS and all your dreams will come true.
  9. Yeah that did not go well. Luckily I backed up copies of the F18C folders from Mods and Coremods. The File would not unpack as it said there was not enough Disk Space ??? I had 200G spare on my SSD. So I swapped the original folders back in and then found my install was all messed up, Had to do a repair which thankfully saved the day. Not recommended !
  10. Thanks Zorg, how do I install it ? What is the path ?
  11. Bloody Marvellous, any chance of a quick idiot pongo's guide to installation. Im familiar with the process just not sure of folder names required ? "leander_class" in Mods/Tech ?? Edit: not to worry I worked it out as per my question, made the "leander_class" folder in Mods/tech and it works magnificently. Another "Warship" series fan here. I did go on a Leander (ikara) many years ago on an exchange with the Navy (I was Army) but to my shame I cant remember which on it was ! First constructive point. How do "we" get a Helo to land on the actual Deck. it works for now but seems the hard deck is about 3 foot above at the level of the rails. other than that just enjoying looking at these ships ruling the waves in the editor thanks so much
  12. Superb Gunslinger thanks so much for sharing your work. I do love having the AI A6’s in missions and theses skins will definitely enhance that
  13. Fantastic !! a Proper Royal Navy Ship
  14. Cor that’s bloody smashing that is !!
  15. I second that question ! I’ve asked on the download page let’s see, missing the A-7 after the old mod faded away with DCS updates
  16. Excellent been checking every day for these, thanks so much
  17. Nice Job on the 1969 Version, A4’s launching splendidly , I did put some crew on board, Is there a defined area where they can’t go ? I’ve had some that seem to block the first jet from parking onto the Cat’s, unless I move them starboard almost to the scuppers, other than that, it’s a cracking ship
  18. Tomcatter the flying solo thing is to do with the class of Aircraft as in Bomber/Cargo/Fighter etc, I think they changed it on the EA6B mod, forgive me being vague but it’s in the lua somewhere. Change that and you should be able to have flights rather than single aircraft
  19. Quote your sources ? Otherwise your just making stuff up to suit your argument, a fairly common trait here, I’m sure if ED need marketing advice they will hire you on the basis of .......??
  20. I’m editing my post to just read Huh ???
  21. I tried it . EA6B with A10A cockpit, yes it flies. It exploded on Landing on supercarrier though .
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