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  1. The solution is to reset the DCS path and fix registry option in the Viacom config. I have to do this after every DCS update.
  2. Remember that the actual resolution is a product of the two. ie : final resolution = global setting x per app (DCS) setting. Then..... FSR downscales the render first to the factor you place in the FSR settings file, does its algorithm stuff, and then the image is upscaled BACK UP to whatever you set to be the final resolution using the product of the two Steam VR resolution settings. The frame rate increase is a result of the FSR algorithms but comes at a cost of a degredation in quality of image DESPITE being at the produced at the desired resolution. That is where the sharpness filter is used if desired. Alternatively, you can experiment with increasing the final desired resolution - but obviously there comes a point of zero return as the benefit of increased frametime of the FSR algorithm gets cancelled out by the cost of setting increased resolution (and thus more pixels to move) to combat the induced blur of the image due to the downscale/upscale process. ....At least that is how I have understood the process.
  3. ...oh, and clear environment data in the environment settings tab in Mixed reality section of windows settings.
  4. Yep, reset your room boundary in windows mixed reality portal settings (mine is the seated option where you just hold the headset infront of you centrally). I had this issue myself last week.
  5. I believe the reason may be that it also breaks immersion if your virtual head does stop moving at the limit of the canopy....the reason being that your actual head has no correlating barrier to movement in real life outside of the cockpit in game as you are sitting in it. It also then likely plays havoc with your senses and you end up feeling nauseous. I think it is one of those selected compromises of practicality and ability to enjoy the sim experience over the physics of the vestibular system that has not evolved to deal with VR!
  6. You'll never go back! Just wait until they fix the clouds!!!
  7. You are very welcome! And thank you!
  8. As title says. Hardly used and less than six months old. All working as advertised and even the cable clip on the back of headset is still intact! Located in UK. Happy to take sensible offers via PM.
  9. I have one for sale (no controllers) here in UK. Hardly used. Happy to take an offer on it if you are interested and want to PM me.
  10. BTW - I think BIGNEWY means IPD setting, not PD setting in reference to this.
  11. Thank you! Resetting the custom path in the Viacom config seems to have fixed it.
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