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  1. Ability with pilot 3d body to have knee-board in the legs , the knee-board could have the ability to import edited PDF or dds files and display them in a row forward and backward
  2. Possibly Bug Please check when you have central tank if it is viewable and can selected in S-J page.
  3. The occurrence of a warning fault initiates the following events: The FLCS red warning light on the right glareshield illuminates and the flashing WARNING mnemonic is displayed on the HUD. The voice message (WARNING, WARNING,....WARNING, WARNING) is activated 1.5 seconds after receipt of the warning input. The voice message is deactivated when the warning stops or the drift cutout switch on the ICP is positioned to WARN RESET
  4. FCR BIT remaining time countdown
  5. The position of the MAX TOSS CUE CYRCLE is always in centre of HUD The cue consists of a 100-mil circle below the boresight cross at 0° azimuth and -3° elevation. When the aircraft reaches the maximum range, the range caret is coincident with the maximum release range tic and the cue will flash for two more seconds before disappearing from the HUD. right now the circle when the aircraft offset left or right the circle offset too which is wrong null
  6. Displaying Air to Air target locator lines. Those AATLL will be either plain or dashed according to which sensor is locked on the air-to-air target. Either FCR or TGP. e.g FCR Toi with Uncaged Correlated AIM-9 one arrow point the target. TGP Tracking while SOI two head arrow point the target.
  7. why not planed since it is exist, in real USAF F-16 block50 aircraft , it is same avionic addition like the HUD manual A-G bomb release circle. Rarely used but it is in avionics configuration.
  8. As per tittle in SIM mode the implementation of EEGS GUN score ON( small dots)-"funnel lines" disappear when pickle
  9. This( However the whole line shifts because the wider VHF letters are also wider.)i refer too.
  10. When HUD DED comm symbology should highlight when transmitting not only the UHF /VHF Text but all the line must be highlighted. Frequency and channel number Reference:
  11. The AoA bracket correctly not bouncing around while taxing BUT the pitch ladder and (bracket which must be arroun -5 degress pitch ladder) during wheel braking must have bouncing behaviour. References:
  12. Please check the values of the STT Target calibrated speed , in MP yesterday in ACM in FCR STT mode the target real speed was 420 and the FCR Calibrated speed show's 510 -500 it is a huge difference , in Calibrated speed the FCR must show olmost the real target airspeed. nullm01.Formation and BFM-20220725-225009.trkm01.Formation and BFM-20220725-221722.trk
  13. as per title AATLL will be either plain or dashed according to which sensor is locked on the air-to-air target. Either FCR or TGP
  14. Please make some TestCases in order to help in development. be in mind it is simulated the APG-68v5 Radar version max solid lock (is supposed to have a range of 35-40NM (≙ 65-70 km) in the “look-up” mode and 27.5 -33NM (≙ 50-60 km) in the “look-down” mode. The APG-68(V)9 radar has a 30% greater air-to-air detection range (i.e.: 53 NM 85 km) Start from e.g F-16 vs f-16 same RCS , F-16 Vs different RCS 1. 60K and 50k 50 miles target. long-long senarios low level split 2 60k and 20k 30 miles target long-short secarios high level split 3. 15k and 3k target 20 miles seperation look down radar solid lock? low-low low level split
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