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  1. Just happened to come across this while trying to solve the same problem. I'm trying to attach the TrackIR 5 camera to a 4k TV I use as a monitor. The TV chassis is just too thin for the mount which NaturalPoint supplied, and in any case the foot of the mount ends up on the TV screen which gives me pause. Your idea looks like a good solution, but I have a couple of questions: The flexible cell phone holder at Amazon (which looks like yours) has a minimum grip of about 4" (to big for the camera). I can't tell from your pix how you managed to afix the camera to the flexible shaft. Can you give me a clue? Also, does this device remain stable over time, or does it sag or vibrate? Anyway, thanks for sharing your valuable post. And you have a really nice set-up there. Cheers....
  2. Hi, I wonder if DCS is still sending out emails. The last 'weekend news' I've gotten was 10 months ago on 9/13/2019. I did get an email on 4/10/2020 from support when I bought a module, but other than that nothing but silence. Any ideas? Thanks guys....
  3. OK. And thanks for your help guys. regards
  4. Hi uboats. several comments: I assume I played v1.5.4 but not sure. I generally just update when a msg appears during load, and I just did that for 155. After that nothing worked. I looked at the specs for my video card and you are correct- it does not indicate support for anything above DX 10. In fact my machine does seem to be getting along in age :) but I don't have time now to build another one. I did however order a new graphics card and it arrived today. My plan is to install the new card and see if it resolves the problem. If it does not then I will try your other remedies. With regard to that I have a couple of questions: fxo is in 'saved games' but metashaders are in 'bazar' in the DCS install folder - Is that the folder I should delete? and I assume you ment 'vcredist_64.exe', is that correct? In any case I should have the card in by next week. And I am very grateful for you help. -Tom btw- I served several years in the Submarine Service so I like your moniker :)
  5. Hmmm. Never thought of that. This problem only started with the V155 update. My machine is running DX12 and DxDiagnosis shows no problem, and all other programs run fine. Can anyone suggest what video card would run on my machine? Is there a way to run another version of DCS? If not I guess I'm out of the game for a while... Thanks
  6. Hello BIGNEWY. I was interrupted by the holidays but am back now trying to get DCS reinstalled. I followed your advice: uninstalled and deleted DCS folder in saved games. I D/L'd the program from your link and reinstalled. I still have no success. When I try to run DCS I get a screen which is blank except for the words "DCS not responding." I also get a window screen saying "DCS has stopped working" and "problem caused PGm to stop working correctly." I will enclose my log file. As you can see all errors are of the nature " VFS: can't mount...." I am sorry to take up your time but I wonder if you could give me your advise on this problem? Thanks.... edit: I also tried disabling both the anti-virus and firewall. The only difference is that instead of a blank screen I now get the black DCS splash screen, but all else is the same and program won't start. I have also tried the 'repair' function and that didn't help either. Logs.zip
  7. ok, guys. Very grateful for your suggestions; and I agree that I should reinstall. It's been so long since I did this that I don't remember how I did it. I assume I uninstall just 'DCS world', and reinstall, correct? I also have LOMAC still installed from 10 or 12 yrs ago-can I uninstall that or do I still need it? I also have blackshark and assume I should keep it? I also bought A!0C and a number of missions and campaigns- will they be returned to my account or do I have to search for codes or receipts? Sorry to be so nubish. And I really appreciate your help.....
  8. Thanks for your advice Pixel. Still having probs tho. clicking one of the icons on desk caused it to check for update; so I let the update run again. Now I have new items in my start menu, including a 'repair' file. But the app will still not load, so I ran the repair app: afterward it said DCS had been repaired. I then ran DCS again and it tried to load the entry screen but after a few seconds gives up and and notifies that a 'problem with the program caused it to shut down.' I have no idea what's happening, but the update file seems to have porked my comp. or maybe it's more Win 10 crap... BTW -the new update is v 155 6053 215; is that correct? Thanks....
  9. I created an icon from exe-update file and moved it to the desktop. The 'target' of the old icon and the new one both point to the updater file, but neither will open it. I notice the the update log file and the error msg both use the pathway containing "...DCS World\bin/DCS.exe..." please note the slash marks. I believe somebody inserted a wrong slash after 'bin.' Autoupdate temp log shows: "ERROR: Can't run E:\Game Apps\Digital Combat Simulator\DCS World\bin/DCS.exe: (2) The system cannot find the file specified." I also can find no 'repair' file. Perhaps someone could advise how I would do a repair? edit: I also notice that there is a "run.exe" file with an icon in the 'DCS World' folder. Is that the original exe file; (afraid to click it now).
  10. just tried to update DCS world. At the very end a notice said can't find exe file and can't launch the app. I checked E:/DCS/DCS World/bin\DCS.exe and sure enough the exe file is gone. A search of my computer cannot locate it. My DCS sim has been in this location (and working)for years. Can somebody advise me on how to solve this?
  11. I flew your track twice; shot down bandit both times- 1st with radar lock 2nd with IRST lock. I think things behave as they should: If you active radar (I) and set PRF to Hi you will pick up the target immediately at a range of less than 60km, and you can lock and launch in the normal fashion. In IRST (T) you need to bring up a thermal missile (either the shorter range 73 or the longer range 27ET). The problem you are having is that the target is High Aspect and IRST is a thermal sensor. The target nozzles are pointed away from you and the fuselage obscures the heat. ( a Thermal , ie IR, attack is probably not the best option here.) I was able to pick up the target and lock on, but only at a much closer range. Hope that helps.
  12. Holy cow !!! After seeing your mockup, Wasserfall, I'm just going to give up trying to learn the Su-27. I don't have an extra lifetime..... oh, nice job btw; but you already knew that.
  13. When I go into the FC3 section of the 'Training' menu, each plane I select gives an indication in the black bar at the bottom of the window (the Auto updater?) the an 'install' is necessary. When I click it, it goes through the install process (always a 1.8 MB file) and says it was successful. But on return to the FC3 training window it still says 'install' necessary; and it seems to do this endlessly. Is it me or is there something wrong with the program? thanks for your thoughts on this.....
  14. Well that clears things up. Although I wonder why DCS still has all those downloads available. But anyway, I followed your advice and have FC3 installed correctly now, and I'll uninstall A10C and reinstall correctly. Thanks much, fellows. Cheers...
  15. Hi, I'm an old time LockOn user and finally decided to upgrade to the DCS version. So I went to the DCS site and downloaded DCS World and installed it. I then bought DCS A10C and DCS FC 3, and downloaded them and their patches from the DCS site. FC3 would not install at all. DCS A10C installed (and I can do a training mission) but it doesn't show up in DCS World anywhere. Can someone rtell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks much.....
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