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  1. Hi all If you're new to DCS and want some context, check out my video here: All the best Lovo
  2. Yeah I've just had a go, I too didn't get any comms past declaring platform. I think it must be something to do with DCS and the update. Not you. Hope it's fixed soon!
  3. Thanks Drona I'm not sure I haven't seen that. Maybe try again after this OB update today?
  4. Hey all. Want to beef up your bvr? cheers Lovo
  5. Hi all Check out my video on low and no threat intercepts. More BVR to come. ${1} Cheers Lovo
  6. hi all, here a fun one for you to try! Let me see how you get on. Lovo
  7. I've found this campaign to be excellent. The authentic feel has been exactly what I've wanted in a DCS campaign. From the kneeboards to the comms, to the uncertain and unpredictable feel to the missions, this is a campaign I'd recommend to anyone who wants more than airquake.
  8. Hi all Here it is, feedback welcome. Stay safe Lovo
  9. Thanks! Kind of you to say. I think as I'm fairly new to DCS videos my name doesn't mean much to people right now. Harrier case 1 and 2 video coming today btw!
  10. Hi all Here's a tutorial on formation takeoffs Cheers Lovo
  11. Hi all Check out how to fly formations and how to maneuver Enjoy Lovo
  12. Hi all Here's my long guide on case II and III recoveries. Examples at the end. Hope it's useful Lovo
  13. Hi all Here's a tutorial for the slow landing, and conventional landing. Enjoy!
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