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  1. Also from here, thank you a thousand times! This piece of software is really a milestone in cockpit building! Hope all the best for you, thanks again and i hope that the project don't go abandoned 'cause it would be really a great loss for all the community! Maurizio
  2. Hey Sgt.! Welcome back!!! As others, was very waiting for that, glad to hear! I'll look forward, i used the "old" version and it was great!
  3. +1 ... i made a post about it somewhere ... RX-TX swapped and months (literally) trying to understand why the network was not running..
  4. I tested the hub yesterday during our squadron evening. Installed the pre-release 2 and configured (note:i manually copied the export code 'cause i wasnt sure it don't mess with existing script) and set it up to auto launch. Well, still it didn't show on web interface that i was using the F-18 but the small panel i have working by now was perfectly running. I had a couple of crashes of DCS but probably not related to BIOS, i'll check next time. This software is a great step forward as i don't have to launch the socat.exe every time, plus it recognizes the com ports, another world than before! Thanks Ian, i'll go on with testing in the next days!
  5. Sad for the lost of your job ... it's never good news. But also happy to see you back here working on DCS-BIOS! I'll test the new software ASAP! Welcome back! EDIT: first question, it reports as installed module only the A-10 but i also have the Hornet. Is it normal?
  6. Almost there... need to print the small gear and the button... all same color cause i don't have other filaments, i'll paint them later. John, thank you for the great work on this!
  7. Delivered and put into operation. Nice and easy mounting with clear instructions, i think 20 minutes taking my time to avoid mistakes. Just tried a test on the Hornet and ... well ... amazing! Someone else has already said this, but that's how the warthog should be! Thank you very much for the upgrade!!!
  8. Les, to avoid inserting spaces, use the tag CODE ... the "#" button in the editor DcsBios::Potentiometer tacanVol("TACAN_VOL", PIN); It treats the text as ... well ... code! And get rid of those emoticons! :thumbup:
  9. It definitely helps! I had the same problem when I tried to run the 485 bus. RX and TX reversed and months trying to solve the problem without realizing it. I can not write here, because of censorship, my exact words when I realized ;) I had given some answers to those who had problems in other posts but, in fact, it is better to do a specific post about it! Thank you! EDIT: Look at that ... "COMMUNCIATION" ... they can't even write correct words, just figure the pin markings! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. I agree! Got mine last week, couple of hours of work to set it up, including cutting a glass to cover the stock bed that was bent and now it's printing very well. Need some tweaking and tune up the profile in Cura but "as is" it's already good!
  11. Ok, i'm receiving my 3d printer today. Bought (among other things) mainly because of this thread! Simply amazing and inspiring! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: I'll try to design some parts but for sure i haven't your craftmanship. Probably i'll ask you some advices :music_whistling:
  12. In my case just inverting RX and TX lines made all working so i think they're only wrongly labelled. If you watch the "clone" description, it says that pin 18 is "Serial Port 1 TXD" while the serigraphy says "RX1" so who to believe? :( I reversed them trusting the description, keeping in mind that all the other RX-TX couples are inverted. BTW, i also had to try almost by chance to make them work :doh:
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