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  1. This is proof that the fov along with the details is one of the main factors in giving the sense of speed. They cannot increase the speed by chance.
  2. Look, i found a video with a huge sense of speed
  3. Incredible, in addition to the damage of having paid a out of ea module that still not complete, we have also the mockery of being told "moving to resolved"
  4. si ma infatti è quello che sapevo anche io, leggendo il commento di raven mi sembrava stesse dicendo che vanno meglio quelli non alimentati.
  5. If no particular effects were added to the presentation video we saw (the one with the A-6), I think we should expect some change in lighting.
  6. Expert

    DCS News Update

    Se lo fanno a quei livelli significherebbe creare hype, e l'hype rompe fortemente quando non riesci a settare le impostazioni per ottenere la stessa grafica.
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