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  1. i agree, been seeing the same problem. Just learning carrier landings and I can be low and find myself blowing over the whole deck with minimal throttle, and just a quick burst. Should I try half flaps? I thought I had landings down and moved on to ground attack, came bac to do a few landings and problems. This is one hard sim, not that that’s a bad thing. Sorry didn’t mean to get off point..
  2. I was just looking at the Grim Reapers You Tube video. Says ATC works for approach, keeps you at 8%. So I’m just asking what was already on the internet. I’m not sure why this was moved to wish list, I’m asking about the F18C here. Whatever. Thanks anyway...
  3. That was my result, tried to kill me.. I haven’t tried a land base yet
  4. Just curious does the ATC work for landing on the Super Carrier? I watched a video on it, flying at an air base and I thought he said it works on carrier. But I wanted to try it and on the down leg, I would have crashed if I didn’t take control. Then I made the final turn and set it again, got a solid ATC on the HUD but it wasn’t controlling anything
  5. Anti skid was off. I also had no breaks on land base. I did have to revise the rudder but I didn’t try reversing the breaks. The funny thing about rudder, the rudder pedals movement in game, was moving correct but the searing was wrong direction, That’s confusing. The breaks were moving in controls axis setup page. I will have to look at it more tomorrow, work early tomorrow. I do appreciate the help! Thanks all..
  6. Ok so in DCS we are flying F14 in today’s real world time? That doesn’t make any sense, the Navy is no longer using the F14 on carrier operations. But hay guys I’m not making a big deal about this, I was just having problems making sure I had the correct settings. but now I’m using chucks guide and that helps. So that problem is a dead issue. Thanks to all for your replies, I don’t mean to make an issue here, it’s all good. Love the plane, brings back memories. I am having another problem, the breaks don’t seem to be working, I just ran over a yellow shirt and drove off the deck, Jester was not happy!! I’m using a ThrustMaster rudder, I have the breaks setup the same as on the F18, Left & Right. Is there something I may be missing?
  7. I meant no insult, real good sim, you can tell lots of hard work went into this module. As a ground crew member, we took real good care of the planes. Those switches, dials, cockpit components are all removable. A problem came up, they would take out the whole section send it out to be reworked and put in a reworked component. That was my point! Sorry if I touched a nerve.
  8. The sim looks real good but I think they went a little over the top on the aging look. I have a unique perspective as I was stationed at Miramar back in 1980, along with 2 west pac’s, I was an AME (ejection seats and liquid oxygen) so I sat in many Tomcats and I don’t remember them looking this warn. Still it’s a good sim and DCS is awesome.
  9. My wife bought the F14 module for me for Christmas. I’m new to DCS and still learning the F18 So I had not looked into buying this bird yet, but who doesn’t love the Tomcat! Trying to learn startup is a bit difficult with the aged look and the wearing of letters on switches in the cockpit. Is there any mods to adjust it or am I stuck and deal with it? Thanks..
  10. 9 landings today, I think I finally have it down. They said lots of practice but it seemed like I would never get that good landing. I wanted to thank you all again and special thanks to Harker, that throttle tip helped out a lot. I also toned down the stick in the settings so I made finer movements. On to air refueling ✌????????
  11. I had to post it here I finally did it. A perfect landing, gradeA #3 wire followed all the rules. Not an easy job, Navy pilots have big ones, hanging! Thanks for your help!
  12. It’s funny I watched this You Tube video from Reapers on case 1 landing. This guy was all over the place, long aft of the boat, too high, just lots wrong and at the last he pulled it together and landed. For me it’s opposite, I am in control until the last second, and I loose it. Sorry for the vent, I will keep working on it. Lost our late football game so I have lots of time. I’m going to get this. Thanks guys.
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